0-50 Supervised Play

0-50 Game with Mini-lesson from 9-11:30 on Tuesday mornings. We welcome our newer players and students to come join us. In response to requests, we have changed this to a 0-50 MP game. We will still have two sections, one for the very beginners. We are still a super relaxed atmosphere. You will have the opportunity to ask all your questions about the bidding, the play, and the defense. We are a friendly no stress group and are here to help you wherever you want help. Earn masterpoints while you learn. Come with or without a partner. We can get you a partner. Mini lesson will precede each game with Sharon Rippy: fleurpdlur@cox.net

  • June 6: Stayman, Transfers, Texas Transfers, & Delayed Texas Transfers

Live 0-200 Lesson & Game

The Friday morning lessons and games are intended for players who have completed beginning bridge lessons, are coming back to the game, or for those players that would like a refresher. Half-hour review lessons are given before each game. We start at 9:00 AM sharp. $10 card fee for a great game with wonderful people and good snacks!

In addition to our usual lessons, we also offer a Barometer Game on the last Friday of the month. A unique way of combining playing with education. After each round, the boards you just played are reviewed. Discussion includes bidding and what to lead. They are our most popular Friday morning game.

Trudi and I are really pleased to see so many beginning bridge students coming out on Friday! Come and join us, meet new friends, and we’ll find you a partner.

Beginning in June, we will dispense with the lesson so that you can play more boards! Lessons will resume in September.

We will hold regular games on June 5, 12, & 19. On June 26, we will have our monthly BAROMETER GAME! Find out right after you have played the board how to bid and the lead. We’ll also point out some play of the hand considerations too.

No partner needed. We guarantee you will play. This is a very fun and friendly group. The more you play, the more comfortable you will become with the bidding and the play of the hand.

Contact Susan Bristol at bristolsg949@gmail.com or Trudi Hanscom at t.hanscom@live.com for more information.

Beginning Bridge Part 2

Instructor: Steve Jackson

8 Mondays from April 24 to June 26 skipping May 22 & 29

9:30 – 11:30 AM

Anyone interested in joining the class, contact Steve Jackson at stevejackson4@me.com for more details.

Bidding & Commonly Used Conventions

Instructor: Bob Levine

Thursdays from April 27 to June 22 with a break on May 25. Also 3rd Wednesdays (May 17 & June 14) to allow students to attend Mentoring on May 18 & June 15

Thursdays: 4/27, 5/4, 5/11, 6/1, 6/8, & 6/22

Wednesdays: 5/17 & 6/14

9:30 – 11:30 AM

Fee: $100 for all 8 classes if prepaid or $15 per class

For Advanced Beginners and Intermediates.

Here is the schedule for June:

  • Thursday June 1: The Subsequent Auctions – A Few Important Conventions
  • Thursday June 8: Finding Key Cards & Cue Bids
  • Wednesday June 14: The Strong 2 Club Opening Bid
  • Thursday June 22: Negative Doubles

Developing a sound bidding understanding is important for all advancing beginners and intermediate players with their partners. Class notes are distributed ahead of each class, so questions can be discussed by all. Many example hands will be analyzed to highlight the material being taught.

Sign up at the club or contact Bob rslevine@cox.net for more information.

Mentoring: Responding to Partner’s Weak 2 Opening Bid

Instructor: Gary Waldron

Thursday June 15 from 9:30 – 11:30 AM

Your partner opened the auction with a Weak 2 bid: 2 Diamonds, 2 Hearts, or 2 Spades. Howe weak is partner’s hand? How many tricks can your side take? Should you just pass and play it there? Or should you be investigating further? Our June Mentoring explores what you should do when you have a strong hand and your partner opens with a Weak 2 bid – Feature asking bid, Ogust, or something else. Gary will show you how to assess your hand to find the right landing spot.

Pre-registration is a must so we can prepare the right number of handouts and mentors. Please reserve your spot by emailing maggiebrisk@cox.net

Let Maggie know your name and the name of your partner if you will attend together. If not, she can match you with a partner.

Learn to Love No Trump

Instructor: Gary Waldron

2 Wednesdays per month from 9:30 – 11:30 AM

June 21 & 28: Playing the No Trump Contract

Fee: $15 per class

This class is suitable for players at any skill level.

Gary will be devoting 2 Wednesdays each month to help our advancing beginner and intermediate players improve their comfort level with all things No Trump. Each month will feature 2 classes focusing on one aspect of No Trump auctions.

For the month of June, he will tackle the topic of interference.

Just because the opponent opens 1 No Trump doesn’t prevent you from competing.

Learn how to decide whether you should compete. Explore different conventions that will make life easier for you and your partner and harder for the opponents.

Bridge is a bidding game. Take advantage of all your opportunities!

After a couple of lessons each month, you will learn to love No Trump as much as he does!

Bring your questions, partners, and friends!

Contact Gary lagunajhawk@icloud.com for more details or to reserve your spot.


Every 3rd Thursday The single best learning opportunity at SOCBC is through our Mentoring Sessions. The topic of the day is covered with a short lecture, then you play hands illustrating the topic just discussed. During the play, each table has an experienced player on hand to assist you as needed. Larry Cohen is the premier teacher of bridge today. He emphasizes that only a few conventions are absolutely necessary – LESS IS MORE! This year’s Mentoring Sessions will cover those essentials in the order of importance he assigned them:
  1. Negative Doubles
  2. Blackwood
  3. Stayman
  4. Jacoby Transfers
  5. 4th Suit Forcing
  6. Bidding Over Opponents’ 1NT Opening Bid
  7. Weak Jumps in Competition
  8. 2NT After Partner’s Weak 2 Bid
You may think you know these conventions, but it’s likely that you don’t know the full system – the all-important follow-up bids. Plan on joining us for all of these great sessions!