September 21, 2020



The Bridge Center is Closed Until Safe to Reopen

But PLEASE SUPPORT SOCBC by playing in our BBO Virtual Club Games!

ACBL has partnered with Bridgebase online BBO to offer games which support our club and the duplicate bridge community. Whether your goal is to learn, to practice casually, to play competitively, or to accumulate masterpoints, there is an online option to keep you participating until we can be together again. Many excellent tutorials are available to familiarize you with BBO. Click here.


If you need help with BBO or with connecting to our virtual club games, contact: Frank Grossman at (949) 366-5499 or Janie Matlaf at (949) 233-2140


GAME RESULTS: You can learn everything about every board in the Game Results tab. Click on Common Game, the game you're interested in, the board, the person, and you can watch a full replay of that board at that person's table. See the lead, the offense, and the defense step by step. The diagram of the hand will appear, and by clicking NEXT, you can watch the play trick by trick.


CALENDAR: Keep an eye on our calendar tab for the latest online schedule.


If you are not receiving club emails, contact Janie Matlaf (949) 233-2140 to be sure we have your most current email address.


Many businesses are reopening, others will not survive. We would much prefer to be in the former category rather than the latter. Until we can make 'virtual' a thing of the past, and be together in person again, we urge you to  join us and support our club games as often as you can. Keep Frank's phone number handy (949) 366-5499 in case you run into technical problems getting into a game, lose your connection, or can volunteer to fill-in should someone lose their connection. On days that Marshall directs, he can be reached at (949) 713-9119.




1st Place Winners each direction earn a FREE PLAY
Tuesday afternoon 0-750 game 12:10
Thursday afternoon OPEN game 12:30


SCHEDULE by category:
Open Game:
12:30 pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.    Thursday FREE PLAY awards for first place Open Winners

Open Unit Game: 12:10 pm Sunday

0-299 Game: 12:10 pm Monday, Wednesday

0-750 Game: 12:10 pm Tuesday, Friday.     Tuesday FREE PLAY awards for first place 0-750 Winners

0-750 Unit Game: 11:50 am Sunday

0-1800 Game: 6:30 pm Monday


SCHEDULE by day:

Monday: 12:10 pm 0-299 Game, 12:30 pm Open Game, 6:30 pm 0-1800 Game

Tuesday: 12:10 pm 0-750 Game Free play awards for first place 0-750 Winners, 12:30 pm Open Game

Wednesday: 12:10 pm 0-299 Game, 12:30 pm Open Game

Thursday: 12:30 Open Game.   Free play awards for first place Open Winners

Friday: 12:10 pm 0-750 Game, 12:30 pm Open Game

Saturday: No games - Try a SYC - Support Your Club game!

Sunday: 11:50 am Unit Game 0-750; 12:10 pm Unit Game Open


by Marshall Pearlman

We Directors face continuing problems with players registering at the last minute and ones registering and then not being online and logged in at game time. This makes our job at the start of the game very difficult. Please understand that we  are trying to set up the game to give you the best playing session possible. Late registrants and MIA players can give us fits.

As of Monday, August 24 we will adopt a new policy as follows.

  1. Registration starts 2 hours before the game and will close 5 minutes before game time.
  2. Players registered but not online and logged in will be removed and will not be able to play in the session. We will not call you. It’s a good idea for you to make sure your partner is on line.
  3. Exception: If you have a personal reason which makes you last minute, please call the Director of the day well in advance and tell him/her that you will be last minute. The Director will accommodate you, but you must assure him/her that you will be there.

Presently here are our directors:
Monday, Tue, Thurs, Friday: Frank Grossman  (949)  366-5499
Wednesday:  Marshall Pearlman  (949) 713-9119
Monday night: Susan Bristol  (949) 829-8191

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


A few reminders from Marshall Pearlman:

  • Be considerate of others and please watch your time.
  • Please announce your general style and defensive carding when you join a table e.g. say 2/1 UDCA
  • Be sure to PRE-ALERT. If you are not sure, ALERT anyway.
  • If asked about a bid, give an explanation, rather than a convention’s name. e.g. response to 2C opener say “an Ace or 2 Kings” instead of “Controls." Be helpful not deceptive.
  • If you need the Director, click on the blue box with 3 white bars, then “Call Director."
  • Players playing in the same house, please go to separate rooms. It’s best to keep the chat down especially about non-game issues.Concentrate on playing your best game.
  • If you have to leave the table for a moment, type “BRB”  (be right back)



Click HERE to see a list of our players and their BBO Screen Names.

If you play at our SOCBC Virtual Club Games, please send additions or corrections to: