May 26, 2020




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Here is our new schedule for the week ahead on Club BBO:

Silver Linings Week with Triple SILVER Points
Monday 5/25 - Wednesday 5/27 -  Friday 5/29
12:10 ~ 299'er game
12:30 ~ Open game
We very reluctantly will charge $8 per game this week only to help offset the extra $5 ACBL expense per table.
The alternative would have been to cancel this week, as we are not permitted to hold regular club games during this one time Silver Linings event.

In case you missed last Friday, we increased to 20 boards. Let us know how you liked it. More is good?


Beginning June 1 we will offer the 0-1500 game at 6:30 PM with Susan Bristol directing.

The initial game will be 18 boards, and if the majority opt for 20 we can try that next week.

Spread the word - football is gone, so come play Monday night bridge!

If you need help finding a partner, please contact Joyce at and let her know your contact information plus approximate number of masterpoints.


If you are not already registered with BBO, go to the BBO website and register for free. You will need to create a username/screen name and a password.  To play in our club game you will also need your ACBL number. (Note: This can include any leading alpha character, so if your number is on your BBO account that way, you do not need to make a change.) After setting this up, browse around BBO and familiarize yourself with the screens and options for watching, learning and playing. We look forward to seeing you all online!

The next step is for each partner to click on the button "BB$" and follow instructions to pay for the game. This is a perfectly safe site and many of us have had accounts there for years. BBO offers free games and practice areas that don't award masterpoints, and paid games for masterpoints.  Our club sanctioned games offer masterpoints and our game fee is $7. We pay BBO and a Director from your game fee.

Next you are ready to register for the game.

Both partners must be ONLINE at BBO and within a 2-hour window for registration.
Go to the original BBO homepage (click "HOME" or "BACK") and Under "Play or Watch" click on "COMPETITIVE."

Select "ACBL VIRTUAL CLUBS." Look for VACB231225 South Orange County Bridge. You can use the search box to find our game.

Both partners must be online to register, but only one member of the partnership must Click on our game and add the screen names to reserve seats for both of you.

If you register early, you can leave, logoff and log back in later, your registration remains intact. Just give yourself enough time to log on at game time. BBO is experiencing a lot of traffic as you can imagine, and it may take multiple attempts to log on. Late entry is not permitted.

Please note that In casual BBO games, you may hit UNDO if you click on a wrong bid or wrong play.  In competitive ACBL play there are no Undos.

BBO uses self alert.  Click alert in the bidding box screen, explain your bid, and then make your bid. Your partner will not see your alert.  To ask opponents about their bid, you click on their bid and they must explain it.

If you get a “YOU ARE BLOCKED” message, call or text Frank Grossman  (949) 366-5499.  For questions in advance, write to him at

If any of you wish to see more videos to gain an extra level of comfort, please contact Frank. Videos are available explaining each step of the process.

So grab your favorite partner and join us at the virtual club this Monday, Wednesday and Friday!