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https://davidpisarra.com/feed Special Games – Extra Points Awarded!

May 24 – 25: Club Championship.

May 26 – 31: Grass Roots. Includes the Swiss Team game on May 26 and the Friday morning game on May 31.

June 1, 17, 19, & 23: ACBL Charity. Includes the Swiss Team game on June 23.

June 3 – 8 & 24 – 29: NAP Qualifying. 50% RED & 50% BLACK POINTS AWARDED!

June 3 Evening Online: No extra MP’s awarded, but 50% will be RED and 50% will be black!

June 10 Evening Online: Silver Linings. 1.5X MP’s AWARDED ALL SILVER!

June 12, 15, 18, & 20: Local Charity. Includes the 8 is Enough Swiss Team game on June 12 and the Pro-AM game on June 20.

June 21: Alzheimer’s Fundraiser

June 22: Unit Championship

Partnerships: Need help finding a partner or a team? Contact Joyce Potter: jpotter331@cox.net or (949) 350-4326. No partner required for Tuesday and Friday morning limited games or for the Wednesday afternoon Beginner Game.

Open Games

12:30 PM Monday – Saturday

Sunday Unit Game 3rd Sunday of each month.

Limited Games  * Require 2 tables minimum

9:00 AM Tuesday 0-50

9:00 AM Friday  0-200

12:30 PM Monday through Thursday 0-500

12:30 PM Wednesday 0-20

12:30 PM Friday 0-750


Tuesday morning Supervised Play 9:00 am –  mini lesson with Sharon Rippy. No partner required.

Wednesday afternoon Supervised Play 12:30 pm, with volunteer mentors. No partner required. $10 game fee. Please try to arrive on time, and plan to stay until 3:30 or 4 pm so that we can have a real game with masterpoint awards.

Friday morning 0-200 game 9:00 am and mini lesson with Susan Bristol and Trudi Hanscom. No partner required. Register in advance if you can, or just come, join the fun and keep learning while you play.

See top for details on the special game on May 31!

DEFENSE: with Gary Waldron

Thursdays at 9:30 AM

May 30, June 6, 13


* Making a defensive plan

* Opening leads
* Defensive signals
* Carding, discarding, and false carding
* Developing defensive tricks

$100 for the full series or $15 per class. Then plan to stay for the afternoon for just $5

“Death at the Bridge Club – END PLAYS”

with Susan Kissinger

Wednesday June 5 from 10 to 11:30 am

Learn all about the planning and execution of end plays, aka elimination plays. Suitable for advanced beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Single session $15. Please register in advance at the club or by email to jmatlaf@gmail.com

MENTORING June 27 Jacoby 2NT with Richard Picheny

If you met Mr. Jacoby in beginning bridge when you were introduced to Transfers, it’s time to learn his other claim to fame, Jacoby 2NT. This convention is invaluable when you and partner have a major fit and you want to decide whether to play in game or slam.

Come with or without a partner, but please register in advance so we will have the right number of mentors on hand to work with you.

Register: rpicheny@gmail.com  $15, then stay and play in the afternoon for just $5.

PLAY OF THE HAND: with Bob Levine

Want to be a better declarer?
Thursdays July 11th through August 29th 9:30 – 11:30
* Making your PLAN – “What will be your line of play”
* What is the meaning of the lead??
* Counting your winners ~ counting your losers
* Establishing long suits – Setting up those overtricks!
* When to finesse
* No Trump play vs. Suit play
* When to draw trump and when not to
* Counting, counting and more counting
* Common card combinations – Patterns you keep seeing
* And so much more!

Class fee: $100 if prepaid – or $15 per class

Click here for more information on all classes!


Online BBO Duncan Affiliated 0-2500 Virtual Club Games  Monday nights at 6:25. Entry fee is $4 BBO Bucks.

Concerned about Covid?

We want to protect our bridge community. Please contact the Bridge Center at (949) 248-1268, and also let your partner know if you played at the club and later learned that you have Covid. Look here in the future to see if any recent exposures have been communicated to us. Click here to see the CDC Covid guidelines concerning isolation and exposure.

Welcome Googlers and Net Surfers!

If you are looking for a place to PLAY or LEARN BRIDGE, you have hit the jackpot! At South Orange County Bridge Center we welcome everyone from the newest beginner level to what ever level you may be or want to be. We have ongoing education and games daily. Call us at (949) 248-1268 and leave a message or perhaps speak to a real person who will help get you started at SOCBC.


BEGINNERS – We started NEW BEGINNERS on Monday morning March 18th and will continue into July. Interested beginners may want to join the class. Please contact: jmatlaf@gmail.com or call Janie at (949) 233-2140 for more information or to register for the beginning bridge classes. Our next start date for new beginners will be Monday mornings in September or October. Contact us to be notified.



To register for pairs games, click on the REGISTER tab and see detailed instructions.

If you are unable to register in advance, please call our Club Manager, Gail Schneider (516) 314-1896 for assistance. If leaving a message, provide the game day and date, Open or Limited, names of both players. * Note – Team games do not use online registration – register for those at the club – or by phone to the club.

Emails – You’ve got mail?

If you are not receiving club emails and want to be added to our distribution, please contact Janie Matlaf via email at: jmatlaf@gmail.com