December 2, 2020



South Orange County Bridge Center

is Online at

ACBL has partnered with Bridgebase online BBO to offer games which support our club and the duplicate bridge community. Whether your goal is to learn, to practice casually, to play competitively, or to accumulate masterpoints, there is an online option to keep you participating until we can be together again. Many excellent tutorials are available to familiarize you with BBO. Click hereIf you need help with BBO or with connecting to our virtual club games, contact: Frank Grossman at (949) 366-5499 or Janie Matlaf at (949) 233-2140



You can learn everything about every board in the Game Results tab. Click on Common Game, the game you're interested in, the board, the person, and you can watch a full replay of that board at that person's table. See the lead, the offense, and the defense step by step. The diagram of the hand will appear, and by clicking NEXT, you can watch the play trick by trick.


CALENDAR: Keep an eye on our calendar tab for the latest online schedule.


SCHEDULE by category:

Open Game: 12:30 pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Open Unit Game: 12:15 pm Sunday

0-99 Game: 6:30 pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

0-200 Game: 12:05 pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday

0-500 Game: 12:15 pm Tuesday, Thursday

0-750 Game: 12:15 pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

0-750 Unit Game: 11:50 am Sunday

0-1800 Game: 6:30 pm Monday


SCHEDULE by day:

Monday: 12:05 pm 0-200 Game, 12:15 pm 0-750 Game, 12:30 pm Open Game, 6:30 pm 0-1800 Game

Tuesday: 12:15 pm 0-500 Game, 12:30 pm Open Game, 6:30 pm 0-99

Wednesday: 12:05 pm 0-200 Game, 12:15 pm 0-750 Game, 12:30 pm Open Game, 6:30 pm 0-99

Thursday: 12:15 pm 0-500 Game, 12:30 Open Game, 6:30 pm 0-99

Friday: 12:05 pm 0-200 Game, 12:15 pm 0-750 Game, 12:30 pm Open Game

Saturday: 12:15 pm 0-750 Game, 12:30 pm Open Game

Sunday: 11:50 am Unit Game 0-750, 12:15 pm Unit Game Open


Registration starts 2 hours before the game and will close 5 minutes before game time. Please register as EARLY as possible so we can start the games on time and avoid sit-outs. If you can help us avoid sit-outs by being an on call fill-in, please notify the Director of the day in advance. Fill-ins play free and perform a great service to their fellow players. Regular game fees are $6, and $5.95 for the Sunday Unit games.


Presently here are our Game Directors:
Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday: Frank Grossman  (949)  366-5499
Wednesday:  Marshall Pearlman  (949) 713-9119
Thursday: Richard Picheny (949) 295-0545
Monday night: Susan Bristol  (949) 829-8191


If you are not receiving club emails, contact Janie Matlaf (949) 233-2140 to be sure we have your most current email address.


Click HERE to see a list of our players and their BBO Screen Names.

If you play at our SOCBC Virtual Club Games, please send additions or corrections to: