Online Registration

Go directly to REGISTRATION Site (Click Here)

On order to get your assigned seating for open section and all limited masterpoint games (the 199'ers, 299'ers, 399'er and NLM), you will need to register online as a pair.  Pairs will sign in either from their home computer or mobile device OR when they arrive. The computer will arrange the seating and print table assignments for each pair.

Limited Masterpoint Games - If you are participating in limited masterpoint games, you must select the Down Arrow under Reg/Limited and click to Limited to not be placed in the Open Section.

Tutorial  - If you are unfamiliar with registering online, you can to open up a step by step TUTORIAL (Click Here) in a separate tab on your browser.  Then click above to get to the site on a separate tab.  You will then be able to go back and forth between tutorial and registration site.