President’s Message – September 2018

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Sean Lui is relocating to the desert where he will manage the Duncan Club in Rancho Mirage. He has only been at SOCBC for approximately two years but he fit right in with his kind friendly temperament and sound judgement. We will miss summoning him to the table and hearing, ‘How may I help you?’ Some day we will all say ‘we knew him when’ as he is sure to be a rising star in the tournament director circuit in the near future. Thank you Sean.
We hope by now you have become acquainted with our new Unit Manager Gail Schneider who officially assumes her new position on September 1st. Gail has enthusiastically been learning the ins and outs of SOCBC. She will direct on Thursdays and will also run the new 0-99 game and mini-lesson Saturday mornings beginning September 29th. Gale is the owner of the Oasis club in Corona del Mar and has extensive managing, directing and teaching experience. Please welcome her and help her learn your name! Returning to the Friday directing slot is John Adams. Debbie Gailfus is our new Director of Directors. And many thanks to Trudi Hanscom who served as Director of Directors for the past several months.

SOCBC will again be hosting our annual weekend Non-Life Master Sectional Tournament on October 6th & 7th. This event is always a sell-out, so if you are in the hunt for silver, now is the time to line up a partner and a team and block out the first weekend in October. For our newer and beginning players, don’t think for a minute that the word ‘tournament’ means you need not take notice. This is the perfect place to test the tournament waters, right at our home club, especially if you have already tried your luck at a Regional. You compete for Gold at Regionals, and for Silver at Sectionals – both colors are needed in the quest for advancement. See the tournament notice later in this Newsletter. If you have any questions, be sure to speak with any of our teachers, or with Tournament Manager Frances Krause.

We have cancelled our September 5th, Wednesday Night Swiss Teams Game and our September 8th, Saturday afternoon game due to the Orange County Regional. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning games are NOT cancelled, so if you are not playing in the Regional those mornings, you are more than welcome to play at SOCBC. Remember that Beginners with fewer than 20 masterpoints play FREE at the Regional on Tuesday September 4th. We hope to see all of you at the Orange County Regional competing for Gold. The Regional is a chance to see thousands of bridge lovers from around the nation and the world all sharing in the fun and excitement of this awesome game. Lecturers will offer great lessons targeting beginners & intermediates before and between sessions. This is a great opportunity to prepare you for the next tournament right at our club!
A few years ago, we purchased an AED – Automatic External Defibrillator and CPR Kit. The American Red Cross conducted a training session at our Bridge Center for our Game Directors and other interested members. Thankfully, we have not had occasion to use it YET, but we cannot count on luck. We will be offering CPR and Defibrillator training to those who play frequently at our club and are willing to volunteer to act in an emergency. We also welcome those who are willing to act in emergency and have had training in the past and are ready for a refresher. Please contact Odile Gendreau at for more information or to sign up. Once we know who our volunteers will be we will find a date and time that works for all.

SOCBC has updated its Standing Rules to reflect our revised Psychic Bidding Policy. The new policy reads as follows:
While it is understood that psyching is part of bridge, it is the Board’s position that it should not be employed against substantially weaker or inexperienced players or with excessive frequency.
All players are encouraged to report psychs.
If a psych is committed against a player of lesser ability or a less experienced player, it will be considered bad sportsmanship and will result in assessment of a full board procedural penalty.
If a player psychs more than twice in one event, there will be a full board procedural penalty assessed.
Excessive psyching may result in the “psyching player” being barred from SOCBC for a period determined by the Board of Directors.
What is a psych?
The Laws of Duplicate Bridge define a psychic call as “A deliberate and gross misstatement of honor strength or suit length.” The key word is “gross.” If you forget the meaning of a call, that is not a psych. If you make a call with 12 points when your partnership agreement calls for a maximum of 11, that is not a psych—it is not a gross misstatement. If you are playing five-card majors and open the bidding with one spade on a four-card holding, that is not a psych. In general, your call is a gross misstatement, and therefore is considered a psych, if the call varies by at least two points in strength or two cards in length from your agreement.
Are psychs allowed?
Clearly the Laws permit psychs. Psychic bidding is a part of the game. Excessive psyching leads to implied and concealed partnership understandings and such understandings are serious offenses—they erode the very basics on which the game of bridge is built. Pairs that regularly use psychs soon learn the type of psychic calls their partner makes and are prepared for them. The opponents do not have this same information, although the rules of the game call for complete disclosure of bidding methods. Reading your partner’s psych is always illegal, in any ACBL event, against any opponent. A player is not allowed to make a bid based on his expectation that partner has psyched.

The Ortega Ranch Management Company has complained that our members and guests ontinue to park in unauthorized spaces. If the problem continues, we might be found to be in violation of our lease. We have more than enough authorized parking spaces available to us. Unfortunately, some new players are unaware of the parking restrictions and authorized spaces and some members disregard our requests for numerous reasons, including: “There were plenty of open spaces when I arrived;” “Others park in unauthorized spaces, why shouldn’t I;” “My passenger is not feeling well or is having trouble walking, therefore I need to park closer” (drop him off before parking and he will have even less of a walk); “The Church parking is too far away” (it’s actually less than a two minute walk); “My car may be dinged” or “Bird and tree droppings will land on my car” (the Church parking lots are wide open and you can find spaces away from other cars and trees easily; “I am running late;” (parking in an authorized will take only an additional minute); and a variety of other justifications. We are all equally “special” and are all “entitled,” therefore please think of the common good and park in authorized areas. If you see guests or members parking where they shouldn’t, please gently remind them of our parking restrictions and available parking.
Teachers and Game Directors, please frequently inform all players, particularly newcomers to our morning social bridge games, lessons, and other games about the authorized and unauthorized parking areas.

It is the season to grant amnesty and therefore, I am again granting amnesty to all SOCBC players who return purloined pencils to the Bridge Center during the month of September. Please take this opportunity to return pencils and pens that you accidently took home from the club, a sectional or a regional. I promise that you will be granted immunity from prosecution and will not be required to testify against any of your partners.

SOCBC’s Social Bridge is continuing to be popular and the participants appear to be having a great time while expanding their knowledge and bridge tools. In addition to our Friday Night Social and Duplicate Bridge, we are now offering Thursday Morning Social Bridge on the first four Thursday mornings of each month:
Thursday Morning Social Bridge
The first and third Thursdays are being directed by Jane Dober and the second and fourth Thursdays are being offered by Marti Moss and Frances Krause.
Please join us for social bridge in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. If you are interested in signing up or learning about these opportunities to play and learn, please email (1st and 3rd) Jane at or (2nd and 4th) Marti or Frances at
Friday Night Social & Duplicate Bridge
Our Friday Night Social and Duplicate Pot Luck continues to draw rave reviews and the Social players were having so much fun that those of us on the duplicate side wondered what we were missing. We look forward to seeing you on the fourth Friday of each month, the next of which falls on September 28th. Please email your reservation to Frances Krause at 

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