President’s Message – October 2019

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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                         Richard Picheny

South Orange County NLM Sectional

Compete for silver in our annual Non-Life Master Sectional Saturday, October 5th, and Sunday October 6th, 2019. Two sessions on Saturday: 10 AM and 2:30 PM, NLM 0-500 Stratified Pairs and 0-100 Stratified Pairs. Sunday: NLM Stratified Swiss Teams (pay for two Swiss Team sessions and get 50% off second session) and 0-100 NLM Stratified Pairs at 10 am and 2:30 PM. Free continental breakfast at 9:00 AM and light lunch served between sessions. Tournament Manager: Frances Krause:, 949-697-6446. Partnership: Joyce Potter:, 949-582-1401. Tournament Director: Brandon Sheumaker. Please register to play on-line, if you are able. If not, don’t worry, we will register you at the event.

Halloween Unit Game

On Sunday, October 20th,  we will be celebrating Halloween at our monthly Unit Game. The format will be the same as last month with an Open game and a 0-750 game (Life Masters can play in the 0-750). In September, we had six full tables in the 0-750 game making it an enjoyable afternoon for players who aren’t quite ready to play with the “Pros”. Homemade lunch is at noon and game at 12:30 PM. WITCH of you will win prizes for best costumes? Spook your opponents and take all the tricks you can.

2019 Holiday Party

Mark your calendars for the Annual SOCBC Holiday Party on Saturday, December 7, 2019. BreakFEAST at 9 AM, General Meeting at 9:30 AM (where the new 2020 Board of Directors will be announced) and game at 10 AM. There will be both Open and NLM sections. Fiesta Lunch, including dessert, begins at 1:45 PM at Sol Agave, 31111 Rancho Viejo Road, Marbella Plaza Shopping Center, San Juan Capistrano. The fee is $35 and includes a gourmet breakfast, bridge, lunch and dessert. Meal choices will be posted at the club. Please note that there will be no afternoon bridge game this year as many players prefer to play one session only, enjoy a relaxed lunch, and end the afternoon at an earlier time. Maggie Briskie at has begun taking reservations. Make plans now for your partner and your carpool!

Board of Directors

Consider running… As we approach the end of the year and our upcoming Bridge Center election of Members to our Board of Directors, I urge each of you to consider running for one of the four seats that will be open on our Board of Directors. We benefit from a combination of Open Players and Non-Life Master Players on our Board of Directors.  The experience that veteran players bring as Board members helps keep us on track. Newer players bring fresh ideas and are aware of what is going on in our NLM games, classes and mentoring. We need YOU. Please give this some thought and contact any member of the Nominating Committee or current Board Member if you have any questions or would like to run. The Nominating Committee is comprised of Marti Moss, as Chair, Dianna Hoffman, Anna Kreucher and Pam Nuccio. 


I mentioned this last month, but it bears repeating.  New morning classes for Beginners are offered on Mondays, which started September 9th and Tuesdays starting October 8th. Our best source of new players has always been member referrals, so please spread the word to your friends, relatives and neighbors. The first class of each series will be an Introduction to Bridge, where people may come and see what the game is all about before signing up for the full series. If you have ideas of where to post flyers in the community and are willing to help, please use the this flyer.


For a few years, we have recycled soda cans and bottles and at the suggestion of Marti Moss we are increasing our participation in the recycling program. We are increasing the number of blue recycling cans and blue trash bags around the Club and ask that each of us place paper, cans, bottles and other recyclables in the blue cans and bags. Place food and other non-recyclable waste in the white cans, and brown, black and white bags. We have also switched from styrofoam coffee cups to cardboard cups with lids. Please be sure to use the lids, which will lessen the severity of spills.


We continue our efforts to protect our players from the spread of cold, flu, germs and bacteria. We ask that players who are sick or displaying flu or cold symptoms stay home. We also have a long-standing policy that if someone at your table is displaying such symptoms, that you may politely call the Game Director refuse to play against that team. You will not be penalized and given an average on the un-played Boards.

You will also notice that in addition to the hand-sanitizing stations that we have always had in several locations around the Bridge Center, we have added several tables with Clorox wipes on them. Please use these wipes to clean your hands, the bridge tables, bidding boxes and Boards.

Lavelle Froboese has made health reminder signs and made several suggestions that we are incorporating into our health program. Bob Levine suggested adding additional cleaning stations with Clorox wipes.

Please remember that we have an aging, at-risk population, with numerous people with compromised immune systems. Please help protect all our players by getting flu shots, sanitizing your hands frequently, sneezing into a tissue, handkerchief or your elbow, staying home if you are sick or displaying symptoms, and sanitizing the tables, bidding boxes and boards.


Debbie Gailfus suggested that we consider adopting a policy used by several bridge clubs. After an announcement at the beginning of the bridge session to silence or turn off all cell phones, our current policy is to assess a quarter-board penalty if a player’s cell phone rings. Although necessary to limit noise and other distractions, this policy feels harsh and upsets the offending players and their partners. Our new policy is that a mandatory donation of two dollars will be made to one of SOCBC’s chosen charities, by the player whose telephone rings after a pre-game announcement asking that cell phones be turned off or silenced has been made.


For your convenience, SOCBC offers ten-dollar gift certificates. If you prefer not carrying cash every time you play, approach any game director when he or she is not otherwise busy and ask to buy them. Several of our players buy ten or 20 certificates at a time to use as gifts or in lieu of paying cash each time they play.


We have worked hard on outreach through social media.  Be sure to check out our new and improved Facebook page, ‘like’ us and share with your friends. The Facebook page is also accessible through our website. All our events are featured on Meetup, another social media avenue that has been successful in attracting new players.  Many of our members post periodically on Neighborhood Nextdoor, and we always welcome new posters. If you wish to join the Nextdoor volunteer posters, contact Janie Matlaf at and she will walk you through the steps. Various weekly local papers have already or have promised to include us in upcoming editions. Outreach is critical to sharing Bridge with the community, and to the future of Bridge, so if you can help, let us know.


Don’t miss the Tuesday Post-Game Hand Analysis presented free by Alan Gailfus. The discussion is geared to all levels and Alan will answer your specific questions.


Non-Life Masters please come and play in our Thursday Afternoon Non-Life Master game at which we continue to maintain the lower point-limit. If you invite your friends to play, we will be able to grow this game, and if we don’t have at least three tables, you can play in the Open game for half price.


Come on out to play Friday Night Bridge and bring your duplicate and social bridge friends with you to play on Friday, October 25th. Enjoy a great atmosphere, very tasty food, socialize, laugh a lot and manage to play fun bridge. Players in the Social Game play for five dollars.


If you would like to write an article to appear in the President’s Message or elsewhere in the SOCBC Newsletter, please contact me. I am interested in including fresh ideas, anecdotal experiences and varied perspectives. Kathy Braeunig contributed to this month’s President’s Message.                                                               

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