President’s Message November 2019

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Swiss Teams on Wednesday Nights
SOCBC is happy to announce that beginning November 6th we will resume playing Swiss Teams on Wednesday nights. The games will begin at 6:00pm and should be completed by approximately 9:30pm. Bring your team and recruit rival teams while attempting to qualify for the GNTs.
Convention Cards
ACBL Rules require that all bridge partnerships have matching convention cards when playing in ACBL sanctioned events. Convention cards are required to set forth all agreements that the partners have as to conventions played, play of the hand, defense, including signaling attitude, count, suit preference, etc. In addition to providing your opponents with a detailed list of partnership agreements, filling out the convention card with your partner will invariably help clarify your partnership agreements. Soon, the SOCBC Education Committee will schedule workshops on how to fill out a convention card and what all those “confusing” terms on the card mean.
Membership Has Its Privileges
If you are a frequent visitor to South Orange County Bridge Center, either taking lessons or playing in our games, this is a good time to consider joining ACBL and Unit 538. Once you become part of the American Contract Bridge League you will start receiving a monthly Bridge Bulletin, the premier bridge magazine, rich in bridge news and educational material. Joining our Unit 538 entitles you to participate in ‘members only’ voting. In November there will be three voting opportunities:
Sally Pelmear Sortsmanship and Citizenship Award
Our Non-Life-Master Members will select one of their own to receive this special award. Sally drew enormous numbers of students to her classes and turned many of them into bridge enthusiasts. Last year’s honoree, Dominic Tenuta, exemplifies the qualities that Sally appreciated, kindly and willingly helping our teachers and new players. Please submit your nominations to Anna Kreucher by email or in person before November 15th. The award will be presented Friday December 6th.
Board of Director for 2020
Our Board includes seven members. Three of those, Jay Nuccio, Larry Hedge and Anna Kreucher, will continue on the Board, serving the second year of their two-year term in 2020. Richard Picheny, Maggie Briskie, and Odile Gendreau are completing their terms and retiring from the Board. Bob Levine is completing his term and seeking reelection. The slate of nominees includes: Joop Doorn, Frank Grossman, Bob Levine, Carol Pangburn and Dan Thorlakson. Members are asked to vote at the club between November 18th and November 22nd or by email between November 18th and November 25th. The new Board will be announced at the General Meeting December 7th. Click here to view bios for the nominees.
At our General Meeting December 7th, we will ask for a vote on amending our bylaws to allow Board Members to serve as Game Directors. Text of the proposed change was sent to those members who receive our emails. [Proposed change is on page 4}
Non-Life Master Sectional
Those of you who participated – great job! Those of you who didn’t – save the dates October 24th and 25th, 2020 – don’t miss out next year! We had 70 tables and awarded 164 Silver points to 104 people. We don’t know if they were drawn by our famous culinary excellence, our beautiful bridge center or SOCBC hospitality, but visitors arrived from Palm Springs, Riverside, Claremont, San Diego and other locations. Please join me in thanking Brandon Sheumaker, Frances Krause and all the wonderful volunteers who cooked, organized, and contributed to the success of our tournament.
Half-Price Afternoon Games
Anyone playing in a morning game or taking a morning beginner class at SOCBC qualifies to play for half price in an SOCBC afternoon game on the same day.
New Students
New classes for beginners started Mondays in September (taught by Jane Dober) and Tuesdays in October (taught by Marti Moss). The final tallies are not in, but it looks like we have close to 20 new people in each group, plus some repeat students. A special thank you to DeeDee Pichard, Steve Rakower, and anyone else who sent new students our way. If you love playing bridge at SOCBC, pay it forward and spread the word. Our next start date for new beginners will be the second Wednesday in January (taught by Sharon Rippy). If any of you have ideas or suggestions for reaching potential players in the community, please share those ideas.
Health & Welfare
We have added additional hand-sanitizing stations and Clorox wipes to be used to clean your hands, bidding boxes, boards and tables. Please protect your health and the health of others by using them frequently.
2019 Holiday Party
Mark your calendars for the Annual SOCBC Holiday Party on Saturday, December 7, 2019. Breakfast at 9:00 AM, General Meeting at 9:30 AM (where you will have the opportunity to vote on amending SOCBC’s Bylaws and our new 2020 Board of Directors will be announced) and game at 10:00 AM. There will be both Open and NLM sections. Fiesta Lunch, including dessert begins at 1:45 PM at Sol Agave, 31111 Rancho Viejo Road, Marbella Plaza Shopping Center, SJC. The fee of $35 includes a gourmet breakfast, bridge, lunch and dessert. Meal choices are posted at the club. Please note that there is no afternoon bridge game this year as many players prefer to play one session only, enjoy a relaxed lunch and end the afternoon at an earlier time. Maggie Briskie is taking reservations. Make plans now for your partner and your carpool!
Recycling Ramps Up At SOCBC
For a few years, we have recycled soda cans and bottles and at the suggestion of Marti Moss we are increasing our participation in the recycling program. We have added to the number of blue recycling cans and blue trash bags around the Club and ask that everyone place paper, cans, bottles and other recyclables in the blue cans and bags. Place food and other non-recyclable waste in the white cans, and brown, black and white bags.
Help for Our Local Charities

Remember our new policy – that after an announcement at the beginning of the bridge session to silence or turn off all cell phones, we will collect a mandatory two-dollar donation to one of SOCBC’s chosen charities from the player whose telephone rings.
Mentoring Program
Our Mentoring program continues to gain popularity. The program is enjoyed equally by mentors and mentees. Our format includes a 30 to 45-minute lecture followed by bidding and playing eight hands under the guidance of a mentor at each table. We had ten tables for Bob Levine’s presentation on Drury in October. Gary Waldron will offer a program on Cue Bids on Thursday November 21st and Hal Binder will present a two-session program on Overcalls on January 16th and 23rd. Bring a partner or we will provide one. Contact Maggie Briskie at
Friday Night Bridge & Potluck
We had 60 players socialize, dine and play duplicate or social bridge on the fourth Friday in October. Join us for Friday Night Bridge and bring your duplicate and social bridge friends with you to play on Friday, November 22nd. Enjoy a great atmosphere, very tasty food, socialize, laugh a lot and manage to play fun bridge. Players in the Social Game play for five dollars.
Contributing Writers
If you would like to write an article to appear in the President’s Message or elsewhere in the SOCBC Newsletter, please contact me. I am interested in including fresh ideas, anecdotal experiences and varied perspectives. Janie Matlaf contributed to this month’s President’s Message. r

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