President’s Message – November 2018

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Nominees: The Nominating Committee has completed its work and five candidates have agreed to run to fill the three upcoming vacancies on the SOCBC Board of Directors. The candidates are: Frank Grossman, Larry Hedge, Anna Kreucher, Jay Nuccio and Irwin Rosenfeld. The continuing Directors are Maggie Briskie, Odile Gendreau, Bob Levine, and Richard Picheny.
Voting On-line and in person voting will begin on November 12, and the polls will close on November 16. The names of the newly elected directors will be announced at our Annual Membership Meeting preceding our Holiday Party on December 8th.

Our Annual NLM Sectional was another great success. The participants loved the sumptuous food prepared and served by Frances and her wonderful NLM and Open volunteers. Again, visiting players raved not just about the food, but also about our facility and the hospitality of our members. We had a total of 70 tables, a decrease of seven tables from last year. Our gross receipts and net income were in-line with last year’s due to our increase in card fees. The only major disappointment was that we had very few 0-50 players.
Please join Frances and me in thanking our NLM and Open volunteers, particularly her NLM team that always has great energy and makes this event the success that it has become.

SOCBC runs numerous ACBL and local charity games each month. Our players benefit because the master point awards are increased for the participants in these games and several charities benefit from our donations from these games. Over many years most of our donations from our local charity events have helped support the efforts of Ronald MacDonald House, Second Harvest Food Bank and the Laguna Beach Community Clinic. More recently we have designated certain local charity events to support ARK and Tee Off for Dogs, charities supported by two of our members.
Your Board of Directors feels that we should review which charities should benefit from our largess and with our move to San Juan Capistrano, that we, the members should decide, which local charities or local chapters to designate as recipients. If you have a local charity or local chapter that you would like SOCBC to support, please submit a recommendation to any member of the Board of Directors.

Influenza and Cold Season: The flu and cold season is upon us. As you know, our members are seniors, in some cases have weakened immune systems and are more susceptible to colds and flu. The old wives tale that you are not contagious when you are symptomatic has been debunked. Please be considerate and protect others by staying home if you have a cold or flu or symptoms thereof. SOCBC policy states that if you are about to play against a player who is displaying cold symptoms you may politely share your concerns with the game Director. You will not be required to play against that opponent and instead will be granted no plays for the boards that you miss. The Director may also use their discretion to ask a player to leave if they appear to be a health risk to others.
Fragrances: Several of our members have strong allergic reactions to lotions, perfumes and cologne. If you are wearing fragrances, please use them sparingly. If an opponent’s fragrance is causing you to have an allergic reaction, you may inform the game director, skip that table and be given no plays for the missed boards. The determination of whether a fragrance is too strong is very personal and subjective, so please be considerate of the feelings of both the wearer and the person having the reaction to the fragrance.
Wash Your Hands for Health & Cards Sake: Before and after you have eaten, please wash your hands or use one of the anti-bacterial dispensers located throughout SOCBC. This practice will have two benefits; it will reduce the spread of germs and extend the life of our playing cards.

If you faint, fall ill at the club or have some other health emergency, the game director or his designee will call 911, even if you say it’s not necessary. We must make sure that You are safely taken care of by the EMT’s first aid emergency services. There is no charge for these services. If they recommend you be transported by ambulance, you will have the option of whether to follow their advice. Depending on your health plan, there may be a charge for ambulance transport.
We have an emergency contact directory on the Director desk. Please have your emergency information recorded or updated in that directory.

Some players have recently complained that more ‘A’ players were sitting in one direction than another, and/or that more ‘C’ players were sitting in one direction than another. Both are frequently true, but there is just so much the club can do about it, unless the members want the Club to severely limit those receiving North/South preferences to those using oxygen, walkers and wheel chairs.
Quite a few players in our club have provided a doctor’s note requesting that the player be seated North/South because movement is difficult. This means that several of our older, more senior (and more experienced) players have reserved North-South seats. As a result, younger (and often less experienced) players end up sitting East/West.
Our club tried two different seeding options provided with the common game, one that seeds pairs according to how well each pair has done in the common game over the past couple of years, and one in which seeding is based on individual lifetime master point accumulation. (The membership voted for the master point method.) Both approaches are negatively affected by assigning many players to one direction for mobility reasons.

Don’t Show Your Hand to Others!
The first thing you might notice in a club game is how many players expose their hands while sorting their cards and/or when thinking of what they will bid. Similarly, the first thing you might notice at a tournament is how few players expose their hands. Your opponent is not fully challenged when playing the hand if he has seen just one opponent’s hand. Don’t rob him of the excitement of successfully working out where the queen is! If your partner is exposing his hand, remind him to not expose his cards. Sit back from the table a bit, especially when sorting your hand, and hold your hand vertically.
Keep Table Talk & Analysis to a Minimum
The best way to decide whether to finesse or in which direction to finesse is to listen to the table talk and analysis at nearby tables. To avoid giving an unwarranted advantage to other players keep table talk and analysis to a minimum. Everyone already knows how brilliant you are without hearing your astute hand by hand recap of the boards.

We can offer lunch and snacks only if we have members who are willing to volunteer to serve and clean up. We offer a free play to the person volunteering to serve lunch, snacks and clean up. Of late we have not had enough people signing up to volunteer and if that doesn’t change we will have to eliminate offering lunch. Please sign up on the calendar above the sink or contact Jane Dober to volunteer.

Classes – The Fall season means a new season of bridge lessons. SOCBC is fortunate to have a wonderful array of teachers for all levels, and an enthusiastic group of people ready to acquire or improve bridge skills. Check our Calendar and other sections of the Newsletter for a listing of current offerings.
We have initiated a Saturday morning 0-99 game and mini-lesson with our Club Manager Gail Schneider ( We hope those of you who are available for weekend bridge will get in on the ground floor and make this a part of your Saturday morning routine.

FRIDAY NIGHT SOCIAL & DUPLICATE BRIDGE. Due to Thanksgiving our Friday Night Social and Duplicate Pot Luck will be held on November 30th, the fifth Friday of November. Please invite your friends and bridge partners and email your reservation to Frances Krause at

We want to reiterate the request from our October Newsletter asking for volunteers to help in health emergency situations at SOCBC. A few years ago, we purchased an AED – Automatic External Defibrillator and CPR Kit. Please refresh your knowledge or become acquainted with the use of the AED and CPR Kit by viewing the free YouTube video at www.nationalCPRFoundation. If you agree to volunteer to act in an emergency at our Club and take the course, we will reimburse the cost of the certificate of completion. Please contact Odile Gendreau for more information and to volunteer.

If you would like to write an article to appear in the President’s Message or elsewhere in the SOCBC Newsletter, please contact me. I am interested in including fresh ideas, anecdotal experiences and varied perspectives. I would like to acknowledge this month’s contributor John Kissinger. 

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