President’s Message – May 2019

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We pay the rent on time, we don’t make much noise, we don’t damage the premises, yet we (and bridge clubs in general) are not preferred tenants. Why not? Density. On a typical weekday afternoon, we drive approximately 100 cars, which must be parked nearby. Our ratio of cars per leased square foot is off the charts.  

Last month the largest bridge club in San Diego, Adventures in Bridge, was abruptly evicted for excessive parking. As of this writing they remain homeless. Their parking needs were much greater than allowed for in their lease and caused a problem for other tenants. 

Our relocation to San Juan Capistrano in April 2016, followed years of friction with our prior landlord in Dana Point, and years of searching for a site that would consider renting to a bridge club. We secured this location with the contingency that we abide by parking limitations written into our lease. If we violate the leasing agreement, we too can be evicted. The size of our facility entitles us very fairly to a maximum of 20 parking spaces within the business park. We made a separate rental agreement and pay for an additional 40 spaces across Avenida Los Cerritos at South Coast Christian Church. Unfortunately, most of those 40 spaces remain largely unused.

Celebration Church, within the business park has generously allowed us to use approximately 20 spaces near their facility. This is the area closest to Ortega and Rancho Viejo Road.

We distribute a parking map to new students, and keep one posted visibly on the door at the club. We send numerous emails asking for your cooperation and remind you often in our Newsletter. Still, every day we see many of you disregarding our pleas and parking where you please.

From now on we are asking you all to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Park where permitted and if the permitted spot you usually use is full, do not park in an area that is not permitted. If your preferred spot is full and there is not another approved spot, use the space across the street at the South Coast Church. When you see someone parking in violation, tell a Board member so that they can ask the violator to park in permitted spaces only. Nobody wants to be a snitch; but would you rather be evicted from our bridge center?

Click here to see the parking map. If you have questions, please contact a Board member for help. 

Permitted Parking:

In a BLUE handicapped spot if you have a handicapped permit.

South Coast Christian Church

Street parking on Avenida los Cerritos

Celebration Church (formerly Revival Church)

Behind building A-1 and A-2 facing the Cemetery


The GNT will be held at South Orange County Bridge Center at 10:00 AM and 2:30 PM as follows:

Saturday, May 25th, & Sunday, May 26th, Open & B Stratifications

Saturday, June 1st, & Sunday, June 2nd, A & C Stratifications

Please qualify on or before May 22th and then come out for the Trials.


John and Susan Kissinger, Frances Krause and I were recently in Asia and had the opportunity to play at a Hong Kong Bridge Club.

The club was beauti fully appointed. One of the affluent senior members leased an office space in the most desirable part of Hong Kong and gave the space to the Hong Kong bridge association as its permanent home. Does any SOCBC member want to set up a trust to provide a permanent home for SOCBC?.

Parking was not an issue because there are no spaces available. (Most people in Hong Kong use a very efficient public transportation system, so there is no need for parking spaces.) The game started a little after 7:00 PM and finished after 10:00 PM. The players were friendly and welcoming, and the quality of play was fairly strong, but what I found remarkable was that in at least five of the nine tables participating the average age was probably in the 40s to early 50s. There were even a few college students playing that evening. Apparently, they have several programs in place to attract and cultivate pre-retirement players.


Non-Life Masters please come out to play in our Thursday Afternoon Non-Life Master game. We are continuing to attract enough tables to support the game on an ongoing basis. Armed with this knowledge come play and bring other NLM players to the game.


We have been experiencing fewer problems and glitches in our new system and Bill Thorpe and Gail Schneider have been updating the BridgeMate software and related ACBL and SOCBC software and backup protocols.


I want to reiterate that the Game Director, and only the Game Director, should interpret the ACBL Rules and Laws, adjudicate disputes and make rulings. The Game Director should be called whenever there is an irregularity, or a player believes that their partnership has been damaged. When calling the Director please use a loud but nice tone of voice and say, “director please,” and if appropriate, gently explain to a newer player why you are making the director call. I believe that if there is a minor infraction committed particularly by a newer player, one might consider not calling the director and at the end of the round mentioning the infraction and why it is not allowed. Please see the article on Bridge Etiquette later in this Newsletter and treat all players nicely, especially newer players who are moving up. Following is an excerpt from a note sent a year and a half ago by a then newer player.

“The rancor that a small minority of the players–especially in the open division–bring to the table is a problem. The directors remind us to be nice, but some people don’t seem to hear. This week a director expelled a player in the open division for his attitude, which is good. But some of the open players are so apt to call the director over minor items that the game ceases to be fun. Sometimes I ask myself –as one of the weaker players in the open division–why I am putting up with the stress when I can play party bridge and have fun.”


Friday Night Social and Duplicate Bridge and Pot Luck continues to draw large numbers and rave reviews. Please note that due to the Memorial Day weekend beginning on the fourth Friday of May, we are holding our Friday night game on Friday May 31st. Please join us for great food and a delightful bridge atmosphere. If you don’t have a partner, we will find you one. Invite your friends and bridge partners and email your reservation to Frances Krause at


Due to a malfunction of the building’s security system, the building’s old, white, security-entry cards will no longer work. If you have one of the cards, please see me to exchange it for a newly programmed card.


If you would like to write an article to appear in the President’s Message or elsewhere in the SOCBC Newsletter, please contact me. I am interested in including fresh ideas, anecdotal experiences and varied perspectives. I would like to acknowledge this month’s contributors Janie Matlaf, Marshall Pearlman and Gary Waldron.                                               

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