President’s Message June 2019

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Richard Picheny
The Good News: the Management Office confirmed that we can park in the spaces behind our building and the other buildings facing Avenida Los Cerritos, affording us many spaces a very short walk from our building. The Bad News: the Management Office informed me that they are concerned about our members parking in unauthorized spaces and that as a first step they may begin placing warning messages on cars they believe are parked in unapproved spaces. We really do not want to have parking become an issue. Please park in one of the many authorized spaces. A one or two-minute walk won’t hurt.

Thursday May 23rd was a Sunny Day at the club, as we honored Sunny Foster with this year’s Jim Senter Award. Sunny’s given name is Carol and her family name was Day. She and her sister were nicknamed Sunny and Happy. With origins like that, her path toward congeniality seems predestined.
Sunny and Gary Waldron started out playing primarily on weekends and Wednesday nights. Word quickly got around about this new couple that was winning so often yet were so nice that you didn’t even mind getting beaten by them. And we still don’t mind, even when they had two consecutive 70+% games this past month.
Sunny has been an active volunteer, serving as our Board President, Chair of the Education Committee, Chair of the Moving Up Program, planning Unit Games, and always lending a helping hand without needing to be asked. You always get the feeling that Sunny sees the good in every person with whom she interacts, and she makes each of us feel ‘sunny’ in return.
Please join me in congratulating Sunny Foster, 2019 Jim Senter Sportsmanship and Citizenship honoree.

During our May 13th game. We celebrated Peter Redwood’s becoming a Nonagenarian. It was wonderful seeing Fran Foresta back to visit and honor Peter. Fran spoke eloquently about the earliest days of our Unit 538 and the big part that Peter played in organizing several standalone games into our club. If you are interested in a brief history, click on this link:
Peter was our Board President from 2002 through 2005. He has been producing our Newsletter, our printed Roster, preparing printed Master Rank Award Certificates, and managing our website for many years. We are very grateful to Peter, Life Master, Webmaster, Nonagenarian, and Editor in Chief.
Peter was also honored by Age Well Senior Services as 2019 Volunteer and Ambassador of the Year. For over 20 years, he has delivered Meals on Wheels for the Dana Point Senior Center. He was celebrated at their Annual Volunteer Luncheon attended by close to 250 volunteers throughout Orange County. In Peter’s nomination, the Director for the Dana Point Senior Center wrote, “He has been steadfast in helping others and a blessing to Age Well Dana Point Senior Center. Peter is very special to all of us! The kind of volunteer that takes that extra step, never asking for any recognition, but making a difference in someone’s life! He demonstrates the true meaning of dedication to volunteerism.” If you have an opening please call, Peter to arrange to partner with him in our open game.
Congratulations Peter!

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Are you continuing to learn at bridge, or are you making the same mistakes over and over? What better way to learn than to sit in on after-game reviews by an expert? To this end, each Tuesday following the games Alan Gailfus offers a FREE discussion intended for NLM and Open players. If you are an NLM player who thinks the discussion will be over your head, think again. Alan understands that we are all coming from a different point on the learning curve and is anxious to be of help to everyone.
It was interesting to note that on May 14th there were 28 players on the NLM side. Deedee Pichard and Sylvia Srigley had a huge 72% game to finish first in the NLM Game. You might think that they would be out celebrating but turns out these winners were the only players from the NLM side who stayed and participated in Alan’s discussion. Deedee and Sylvia were able to gain expert insight from Alan even on the day they won. Point made?
[Thank you to Gary Waldron, who filled in for Alan Gailfus, and led the discussions while Alan was recovering from hip surgery.]

If you have not exchanged your old white building entry card for a newly programmed one, please see me to make the exchange. The building’s old, white, security-entry cards will no longer work.

The GNT Open and B Stratifications were held at South Orange County Bridge Center on Saturday, May 25th & Sunday, May 26th. We had a record turn-out of seven tables in the Open Section and 14 tables in the B Section. John Kissinger, Scott Campbell, Ginnie Blitzman and Frances Krause did wonderful jobs ensuring that the trials ran smoothly. Our team comprising Linda and John Jonas, Steve Rakower, Donna Toubia and Gary Waldron finished second in the B Stratification and will be going to the GNT Finals in Las Vegas. The A & C Stratifications are being held Saturday, June 1st & Sunday, June 2nd.

Non-Life Masters please come play in our Thursday Afternoon Non-Life Master game. We are continuing to attract enough tables to support the game on an ongoing basis. Armed with this knowledge come and play and bring other NLM players to the game.

If you would like to write an article to appear in the President’s Message or elsewhere in the SOCBC Newsletter, please contact me. I am interested in including fresh ideas, anecdotal experiences and varied perspectives. I would like to acknowledge this month’s contributors Janie Matlaf and Susan Bristol.

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