President’s Message – June 2018

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Judy Violick and Larry Hedge have been doing a superb job of writing our club’s column in the monthly District 22 Forum. As you probably noticed, to cut costs, the Forum is no longer being delivered in newspaper format to your homes. Instead it arrives in an email with a link for you to click. It is also available on our website at SOCB.Center, depending on your screen, either click on Links, or click on the three lines in the upper right-hand corner, then click the down arrow next to Links, then click on District 22 Forum and enjoy the District 22 On-Line Forum. Be sure to click the link to read Larry and Judy’s column, and to keep up with news from neighboring clubs around District 22. If your email address is not on file with ACBL, go to and update your profile.
Melanie Salas was a repeat winner in the 0-20 slot for March and April. She drives all the way from Costa Mesa to play at SOCBC among friends, and we are glad she does. Enthusiastic newcomers are always extra welcome! April’s 0-100 winners were Gary Fong and Duke Canell. They are regular Tuesday afternoon and Friday morning partners. We apologize to Duke for not getting his photo up on the bulletin board with Gary. Bridge is all about concentration, and we just had one of those concentration goofs when looking at the numbers. Duke and Gary took lessons with Dae Leckie who really encouraged her students to jump in and start playing quickly. In the 0-300 category is Ed Maher. Neighbor Frank Grossman introduced Ed to SOCBC when they were playing together socially. If he could be coaxed away from the golf course and to the club more often, Ed would be a Life Master in no time.
Gale Senter accrued the most masterpoints for April, coming in just shy of 40 points. To help you get an idea of what an amazing player Gale truly is, of 585 members in our club as of May 1, only five have more Masterpoints than Gale. Still, she generously gives back to the club and the game by frequently playing with B and C level players who are trying to improve. And who says there is no such thing as coincidence? Her first-place finish came just as we were presenting the award recognizing her late husband and favorite partner, Jim.
On May 24th, we bestowed the 2018 award on Janie Matlaf, who is the epitome of a team player and volunteer extraordinaire. Janie is responsible for sending all our email blasts, coordinating much of our advertising and marketing, including Nextdoor, Meetup and other social-media posts, a member of the Education Committee, proof reader of the SOCBC Newsletter and editor or proof reader of much of our written materials, daily graffiti artist on our white board, and on and on and on and on. At the bridge table she is welcoming, friendly and willing to share her knowledge of bridge with newer players who seek her advice. I want to join all our members in congratulating Janie on her well-deserved acknowledgement as the 2018 recipient of the Jim Senter Sportsmanship and Citizenship Award.
The Education committee, under the direction of Sunny Foster with the help of Maggie Briskie, Frances Krause, Janie Matlaf, and me, is always open to your suggestions and input. We try to offer a good variety of mentoring and classes, but if there is a subject you would like to see offered, one you might like to teach, or if you have feedback that might be helpful to the committee, we urge you to share. Advancing beginner and intermediate classes continue year-round. In addition to helping our players improve, profits from classes in 2017 covered close to one month’s rent, so education is clearly a win-win.
We plan to start classes for brand new players again on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings in September, on Monday mornings in January and hopefully again in March. Be sure to spread the word to any friends, family, or neighbors who might be interested. Word of mouth is our best form of advertising, but social media is also bringing us many new students. We have advertised on “Meetup,” with great success. Also, a network of members volunteered to advertise our classes through the online website “Neighborhood Nextdoor.” If any of you are willing to help us post on the internet in your community, please let Janie know. If you are not clear on what is involved, check with Janie for details.
Laverne Marano and Gale Atwood are putting the pressure on the rest of us. As Mentor and Mentee in the Moving Up program, they came in first in a field of 21 tables with a 60% game. Will Laverne start cancelling her regular partners in favor of her Mentee?
All of us know a friend, relative or loved one with Alzheimer’s Disease. The Longest Day, June 21st, is traditionally a day of unity to support the search for a cure. We will shift the calendar a smidge and host a speaker from the Alzheimer’s Association of Orange County on Tuesday June 19th and Friday June 22th. We will run multiple Charity games on Friday June 22nd. Please bring your checkbooks or wallets on those days and give generously.
“I’m quitting this game! I just can’t do anything right.” One of our solid veteran players was stuck in a slump and had been through a particularly rough afternoon. He may have ruffed his partner’s Ace or revoked, botched a cold contract, or some other humiliating combination of goofs. His partners worried about his shaken confidence and were on notice that he might be taking some time off to reflect. Can you relate? But then miraculously he came in first his direction for two consecutive games.
We all go through ups and downs in bridge as in other pursuits, but bottom line is, if you love this game, you can expect it to be fickle and to give you doses of grief between the rewards. Whether or not you play ‘upside down’ count and attitude, you can count on bridge to periodically turn your attitude upside down.
The games to qualify to play in the District 22 finals start in June. Check our website calendar for designated NAP qualifying games. See the article on NAP Qualifying games later in the Newsletter.
After all our dirty hands and fingers have abused our decks of playing cards, they are ready to be retired. Over the past few weeks, at the instigation of Bob Levine, we have tested new plastic playing cards, and we will begin using them exclusively. The plastic cards come highly recommended, work well with our dealing machine, are available at a discounted price, and are reputed to last longer, stay cleaner and be washable when they do get dirty. Bob thank you for your efforts.
We have many used decks that are available for free to members to take for their personal use or for charitable or civic organizations or social bridge games in which they participate. The used deck will be on the Open Side in a box on the floor near the Members’ Rosters/Directories.
Avoid airline delays, and sun damage by playing more bridge. 

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