President’s Message – February

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Our Annual Club Sectional was a sellout for the second year in a row. Table count for the weekend hit 172, surpassing last year’s count by 16. A total of 678 masterpoints were awarded to 236 different players, topped by event winners Susan and John Kissinger who earned 20 apiece.  It was extra exciting to see all the beginners catching tournament fever and participating in the 0-100 pairs.

The food was fabulous thanks to all our members chefs. WOW!!! What a great group of people we have at our club. Frances Krause, did a wonderful job organizing and managing the tournament. Directors Scott Campbell and Brandon Sheumaker and all of you who helped deserve a round of applause for making this a truly stellar event.

A very special thank-you from Frances Krause:

I want to add my thanks to the 50 wonderful volunteers who helped make our Annual Club Sectional such an amazing success. This is the third club sectional that I have managed, and I am repeatedly overwhelmed by the generosity of our volunteers. You make our sectionals the talk of the town, and our club a great place to play.

Thank you.        Frances.


The inaugural Friday Night Light Duplicate and Social Bridge event was a smashing success, with six Social Bridge Tables and five and a half Duplicate Tables. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly, the pot-luck fare was gourmet and the interaction between duplicate and social bridge players was warm and welcoming. Players started arriving at 5:45 and we ran a few minutes past our goal of finishing by 9:30. Generous masterpoints were awarded, and the social players adapted quickly to a few duplicate techniques. We will continue this “happening” on the fourth Friday of the month, the next of which falls on February 23rd. Please email your reservation to Frances Krause at Be sure to reach out to all your social bridge friends and encourage them to come join us. We also hope more of you duplicate players will put Fun Fridays on your calendars. Thanks to Linda Jonas, Sharon Rippy, Bob Levine, Maggie Briskie, Susan Kissinger, and especially to Frances Krause who organized, decorated and set up the event.


Please plan to qualify for the Grand National Teams (GNT) event in Atlanta this year, by playing in our weekly Wednesday evening Swiss Team games (except for STaC week and during the San Diego Regional) or our Swiss Teams games on the fourth Sunday of the month. Our District 22 will hold its two-day GNT final qualifying event on April 7th and 8th for Open and B flights, and April 28th and 29th for A and C flights, at SOCBC. Please see John Kissinger’s article on the GNT’s later in this newsletter.


The strata for Eight-is-Enough are C: 0-900, B: 901-1800, and A: 1801 and above. During January’s Eight-is-Enough Game, a pair arrived without teammates. Fortunately, a beginning C player was willing to join them, and we called around until we found a 4th to complete the team. During the game it was discovered that due to a misunderstanding, the team was slightly above the MP limit. I had considered disqualifying them but decided against it due to extenuating circumstances. The A stratification had been mistakenly shown as 2000, and the 4th player had been added at the last minute to prevent three others from missing out. Next month’s Eight-is-Enough and NLM team game will occur on February 15th and we will all be extra mindful when doing the math to stay within the prescribed limits.


According to the ACBL Club Table Counts Report, at the end of 2017 based on table counts we are the 17th largest bridge club in the United States. During 2017 we had 8,532 tables, a decline of 246 tables from 2016. To accommodate District 23’s scheduling of its Los Angeles Regional at the end of December 2017, we moved our Winter Sectional from December to January, and that accounts for a big chunk of the 2017 table reduction. We hope many new programs and your extra enthusiasm will bring our numbers off the charts for 2018!


If you leave a phone message on our club answering machine, please be sure to include the day and date of your call or the day and date of the game you are calling about. Doing so will allow the game directors to deal with your request more efficiently, whether it be for a cancellation, addition, or seating preference.


With the flu and cold season upon us, I again implore you to consider others: stay home if you are sick; use our hand sanitizers, which are located in several places around the room; wash your hands after using the restroom; wear gloves when serving food; pick up tissues that you accidently drop on the floor or table; etc. We have numerous members with compromised immune systems and a super majority of members who are more susceptible to colds and flu due to their age. We have empowered and instructed our game directors to ask players displaying cold and flu symptoms to leave the game and stay away until they are asymptomatic. If you believe that someone has a cold or flu and shouldn’t be playing, please speak to the game director and if you do not want to play at the table with the person you believe is ill, please say so in a courteous manner. Thank you for your cooperation and adherence to this directive.


This month the Property Management Office spoke to me regarding parking problems and complaints. To comply with the terms of our lease and continue as good neighbors, SOCBC must have your cooperation and support in parking only in our designated areas. We have more than adequate parking available, if all of our members park only in the approved spaces and refrain from parking in front of or on the side of our building on weekdays. A good rule of thumb is that if your car is facing a building or facing Avenida Los Cerritos, you are parked in a spot that we should not be using. Please park at one of the two churches shown on the map, on Avenida Los Cerritos, in a handicap space if you have a handicap sticker, or behind the Leasing Office facing the Cemetery. Please consult the map on the inside of the entry door near the Director’s desk or the one shown on the website, or see Janie Matlaf, Bob Cavanaugh or me if you are unsure as to where to park. NOTE: On weekends, please do not park in the spaces in front of our building.


Remember that all our Sunday Games will now begin at 12:30 PM. We will serve a light lunch at noon. This will allow us to participate in the Common Game on Sundays.


Please remember that at the end of the game it is East/West’s responsibility to return the boards to the table near the storage room and North/South’s task to clean papers and trash from their table and the immediate surrounding area. Everyone should return pencils as well. If you don’t do your part, it makes more work for the game director.                                                    *


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