President’s Message – February 2020

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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                                  Jay Nuccio

It seems like just yesterday, at Pam’s constant urging, that I would embrace playing duplicate

Bridge (of course she was right), I walked into my first class with Sally and Dae.  Never in my wildest imagination did I think, in less than four short years,  I would be writing this column. I’m sure I did not know that this column even existed. A lot of wonderful things have happened to Pam and me since we started to play bridge at  Dana  Harbor.  I want to take this opportunity to reflect on those things.

The game itself, as we all know, is the best card game ever invented. Forever confusing and challenging. However this is not the best thing that has happened to us since we started playing. Of course I’m talking about the people we have met, the friends we have made and unfortunately lost.  Every day,  we each have the opportunity to interact with other members, centered around our love of Bridge, but it becomes so much more. I think about our new players, starting their journey, personally knowing the opportunity that is in front of them beyond this wonderful game, as Pam and I have just lived it. I witness the long standing relationships in the Open division where many have competed for years. I know that over time, relationships have been strained, repaired and strained again.  How can this not be when you play against the same people 4 or 5 days a week in a very competitive environment. However I know, when all the dust settles, at the end of the day you/we all look out for each other.

I would like to tell the new people and remind the established players just how lucky we are to be able to play here, at SOCBC, every day. With the competitive nature of the game, I don’t think we stop and appreciate what we have. Pam and I have been fortunate to play in many other Bridge Clubs from Nipomo to Texas. We have not been in a nicer environment to play bridge. Next time you come in, take the time to look at the view of the mountains and all the natural light coming in from the multitude of windows. The higher ceilings give  it a feeling of openness most clubs don’t have. Walk outside and spend a few minutes on the patio. Drink in the fresh air and sunshine. We are very lucky to have this facility to play in. We should all take a moment to appreciate it.

Pam and I have three children, with our daughter living in Ft. Worth Texas. Upon one of our visits, we played at the Ft. Worth Bridge Club.  We signed up at the front desk and received our assigned table. As game time approached, a woman in her 80s sat down and being a small club immediately knew we were visitors and proceeded to do the introductions. The boards were delivered and still no partner. As we started to count the cards our opponent, looking down at the cards, said in an irritated voice, “Don’t worry the SOB is here“. Pam and I looked at each other and then at the woman. She looked up and having received the reaction she was looking for, said with a smile and a twinkle in her eyes, “Sweet old Babs. She’s my SOB”.  As if on cue, “Sweet Old Babs” arrived and what a character she was. Frankly they both were. We all laughed our way through the first three boards. As we proceeded throughout the day we met the Bridge Cruise director and then his wife, two of the best players in the club. (Imagine you can travel 2000 miles to play bridge and some things never change) I don’t remember how we did that day but as you can tell we had a wonderful day of bridge. Now being an SOB, “ Sweet old Babs or Bob “ has nothing to do with age. Rather it’s an attitude. A love of the Game and Life. So the next time you come to play, come to play your best but take the time to look around. Remember how lucky we are and maybe you can be someone’s “SOB“ that day. Your Game, Your Life and our Club will be better for it. 


Jane Dober and the board have decided to change things up a little on Thursdays in February by upgrading the lunch offerings. As a Board, we have enlisted Jane’s help to  thank everyone, in a  small way, for being a member, participating and in many cases supporting the club for  years.  I know we call it  “Fancy Food Thursdays” but it won’t be that fancy. However it will be fun and different.  See you on Thursdays in February.


Save the date, register on-line and earn silver points. Our Annual Club Sectional is being held on Saturday, February 22, and Sunday, February 23, 2020. Registration is Required for the Saturday morning games only. You can register for the afternoon games that day at the club. If you cannot play in the morning but want to play in the afternoon, come by as usually several people only play the one session. As is our Club Tradition, the food will be Spectacular and Home Made. This two-day event always draws big crowds, so be sure to form your partnership (pairs game on Saturday) or four-person team (Swiss teams on Sunday) and sign up early. Click on the following link: [Club Flyer].


If you would like to write an article to appear in the President’s Message or elsewhere in the SOCBC Newsletter, please contact the President, Jay Nuccio. We as a club are always interested in fresh ideas, anecdotal experiences and varied perspectives.

SOCAL Winter Regional

The SoCal Winter Regional, happening now in Irvine, continues through February 2nd,  If you are an NLM player who hasn’t yet played at a Regional, this is a great opportunity where you can win gold and accumulate red points. Outstanding speakers give free mini-lessons before games and during lunch – another reason you don’t want to miss out on the SoCal Winter Regional. You still have time to participate. I can still remember our first Regional in Irvine.  Seeing all the players and experiencing the thrill of a tournament can be daunting at first but will really inspire you as you progress in this wonderful game.

Beginning Players AND Other Non-Life Masters

Keep taking classes. Play in our morning and afternoon games. Take advantage of half-price afternoon NLM games on days when you have taken a morning class or have played in a morning game.  On this note, I encourage all advanced beginners and intemediates to take Gary Waldron’s class on the Play of the Hand. This is broken down into two four-week sessions. The first four weeks will cover all the Basics. Speaking as an NLM I can tell you that you can never know the basics too well. For those of you who don’t know, Gary is an exceptional teacher, well prepared and engaging. You will not be disappointed. As noted above, not only will you be fired up about your new techniques but you can try them out in the afternoon for half price. Such a deal!!!!

Recycling Program

A thank you to Marti Moss for doing the research. The guidelines have been posted in the Kitchen. Essentially, except for the plastic utensils and the plastic tops for the coffee cups, everything else can be recycled. Not all waste companies have the ability to recycle Styrofoam cups but Waste Management does. We will put a recycling container by the kitchen and if you can, when you are finished with the Styrofoam cup just rinse out at the kitchen sink and it’s recyclable .  If you have a paper plate with a sandwich and there are a few crumbs on it, you can recycle it.  Napkins as well.  Use your judgement. If you have any doubts, you can refer to the guidelines posted in the kitchen.

Receiving requests from me

Like Richard before me, I know that many of you are receiving emails purportedly from John Nuccio, the President, asking you to buy something or do something. Rest assured that I will never contact you in this way, especially to purchase something. If there is any doubt in your mind, look at the return email Address. The one I use for the club is Don’t open it if that is not the email address.

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