President’s Message February 2019

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Our Sectional this past weekend was epic in every way. First, the turnout. We requested that everyone register online for the Saturday morning session, and 180 people did just that. We had arranged for numerous members to bring tables, chairs and bidding boxes so that we could accommodate 204 players. When a record setting 212 players showed up, several members and their spouses scampered to come up with additional tables, chairs and bidding boxes. Fifty-three tables filled just about every inch of space at the first session. The tournament awarded a total of 618 Silver Masterpoints to 228 players. Congratulations to overall tournament winner Weishu Wu who amassed 18.92 points for the two days. The SOCBC gourmet chefs fed breakfast, lunch and desserts to all our epicureans. Tournament Manager Frances Krause and her amazing team had serving down to a science with an extra food station on the patio, cutting serving time in half. Scott Campbell and Brandon Sheumaker set up the room and handled the large turn-out smoothly like the professionals that they are. I want to echo Club Manager Gail Schneider’s words of appreciation by saying how proud I am to be a member of this club full of great people and outstanding volunteers.
Frances wants to thank our volunteers and acknowledge how great they are. We had more than 50 individuals, preparing and serving breakfast casseroles, appetizers, entrees, salads and desserts, bringing tables and chairs, setting up the room and cleaning-up after each day of the Sectional. Thank you all. You are the reason we are a terrific Bridge Club.
Save the Date: December 7, 2019. The Holiday Party Committee consisting of Loli Henderson, Robert & Marilyn Cavanaugh, Maggie Briskie and Frances Krause has already begun planning and arranging for our SOCBC 2019 Holiday Party. We spoke with and visited several local venues. After having a dinner tasting at Sol Agave, we chose it due to its delicious food, menu selection, proximity to the Bridge Center, atmosphere, capacity and availability on the date we preferred. We were also promised the entire indoor restaurant, three bartenders and nine servers so lunch and socializing should run smoothly.
As a result of Jay Nuccio’s recruiting effort we had more than ten tables on Thursday, January 24th. We are committed to ensuring that we have a 0-500 pairs game every Thursday afternoon. Jay will continue his efforts and we are discounting our table fees to $5 for the Thursday afternoon 0-500 game during the month of February. Please come out and play this and every Thursday.
You probably have noticed by now that the online Registration screens have been changed. We participate in the “Common Game.” This means we play hands that are played throughout the country at approximately the same time each day. The Common Game offers many advantages, such as the excellent hand analysis by expert players who are also available to answer any questions you send them about the hands. In order to participate, we use the Common Game Registration software. Recently they modified the area for selecting your partner. Instead of selecting the date and viewing a list of available people, now you select the date and type in either the first or last name of the person you wish to play with. Unfortunately, that has eliminated one nice aspect of the prior program – we used to be able to browse by seeing everyone available. One of our members wrote to the Common Game administrators to let them know we miss the feature that was removed. They did not have a solution but pointed out two features: (1) you can enter 1 letter and see a list of everyone starting with that letter, (2) you can type an asterisk instead of a letter and see a list of your recent partners.
As with our Sectionals, Friday Night Social and Duplicate Bridge and Pot Luck continues to draw large numbers and rave reviews. The January Friday Night Game drew 66 players including first timers for both the duplicate and social games. Please join us on February 22nd for great food and a delightful bridge atmosphere. Please invite your friends and bridge partners and email your reservation to Frances Krause at
If you would like to write an article to appear in the President’s Message or elsewhere in the SOCBC Newsletter, please contact me. I am interested in including fresh ideas, anecdotal experiences and varied perspectives. I would like to acknowledge this month’s contributor Janie Matlaf. r

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