President’s Message December 2019

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Many of you are aware that the former Riverside Regional tournament has been relocated to Irvine and will be held January 27th through February 3rd. If you are an NLM player and haven’t yet played at a Regional, this is a great opportunity. You can win black points at our club, and silver points when we have STaC week, but Regionals are where you go for the gold and can accumulate red. In order to achieve the rank of Life Master, you must accumulate a variety of pigments, and we are lucky to have Regionals so nearby twice each year in the fall and in the winter. Outstanding speakers give free mini lessons before games and during lunch – another reason you don’t want to miss out on the SoCal Winter Regional.
Our SOCBC Open Sectional has been scheduled for the weekend of February 22nd and 23rd. This two-day event always draws big crowds, so be sure to put both tournaments on your calendar.
STaC stands for Sectional Tournament at Clubs. During STaC week fees are increased to $11 because of an extra charge by District 22 or the Western Conference. During StaC weeks we play District-wide or Western Conference-wide hands instead of playing the nation-wide Common Game hands. Master Point Awards are in silver and can be much higher than usual for a very few pairs who score high. STaC week is of great value to our NLM players who need that silver to achieve higher rankings.
At the request of many of our advanced players, the Board has agreed to run the Common Game in the Open section and to participate in both the District 22 and Western Conference STaCs for the Non-Life Master section.
Our Annual SOCBC Holiday Party is quickly approaching. We have more than 130 members who are planning to attend. If you haven’t already done so, please see Maggie Briskie to make your reservation. A gourmet breakfast will be served at 9:00 AM on Saturday, December 7th, followed by our Annual Membership Meeting at 9:30 AM, during which you will have the opportunity to vote on amending SOCBC’s Bylaws and our new 2020 Board of Directors will be introduced. The Open and NLM games will begin at 10:00 AM, followed by a fiesta lunch, including dessert beginning at 1:45 PM at Sol Agave, 31111 Rancho Viejo Road, Marbella Plaza Shopping Center, SJC. The $35 fee includes breakfast, bridge, lunch and dessert. Meal choices are posted at the club. Please note that there is no afternoon bridge game this year as many players prefer to play one session only, enjoy a relaxed lunch and end the afternoon at an earlier time. Make plans now for your partner and your carpool!
Voting has been completed and four members have been elected to join Larry Hedge, Anna Kreucher and Jay Nuccio as our 2020 Board of Directors. The names of the new members will be announced at our Annual Membership meeting. Please join me in thanking our 2019 Board of Maggie Briskie, Odile Gendreau, Larry Hedge, Anna Kreucher, Bob Levine and Jay Nuccio for their dedication and service to SOCBC.
At our Membership Meeting on December 7th, we will ask for a vote on amending our bylaws to allow Board Members to serve as Game Directors. Text of the proposed change was sent to those members who receive club emails.
Janie Matlaf has reached out and worked with the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) to include SOCBC beginner classes in their announcements as an OLLI “Extra.”
The OLLI program is described as “an organization of lifelong learners – both retired and semi-retired – who want to continue enhancing their lives through education…. We discover, share, and build social connections with like-minded individuals in a rich learning culture.” Short courses are taught by UCI professors and local professionals daily near the Irvine train station. Topics range from literature to history, science, the arts, current events and much more.
The OLLI target audience sounds so much like our own, that we are thrilled to have initiated this new partnership. Our upcoming January class was included in their monthly Newsletter, and it quickly generated several new students. Check out their website or speak with Janie if you would like to know more about OLLI.
If any of you have ideas for other ways to attract new prospective students and players, please share them with us.
Anyone playing in a morning game or taking a morning beginner class at SOCBC qualifies to play for half price in an SOCBC NLM afternoon game on the same day. Just let the Director know that you attended the morning class, and your entry fee will be reduced to $5.
After two acceptable turnouts, not enough teams came to play in our third installment of our revived Wednesday Night Swiss Teams event. Many of you had asked that SOCBC revive this event. In order to sustain the game, you need to get your team to play on a regular basis and recruit rival teams to play regularly. The games begin at 6:00pm and should be completed by approximately 9:30pm. It is GNT qualifying time.
ACBL Rules require that all bridge partnerships have matching convention cards when playing in ACBL sanctioned events. Convention cards are required to set forth all agreements that the partners have as to conventions played, play of the hand, defense, including signaling attitude, count, suit preference, etc. In addition to providing your opponents with a detailed list of partnership agreements, filling out the convention card with your partner will invariably help clarify your partnership agreements. Soon, the SOCBC Education Committee will schedule workshops on how to fill out a convention card and what all those “confusing” terms on the card mean.
Stay home if you are sick or are displaying cold or flu symptoms. When at SOCBC please use our hand-sanitizing stations and Clorox wipes to clean your hands, bidding boxes, boards and tables. Please protect your health and the health of others by using them frequently.
In last month’s Newsletter I described our increased efforts to recycle at the club. Marti Moss spoke before several games urging everyone to use the Blue recycling containers, and she placed helpful notices around the club explaining what is recyclable. Sadly, our players have not responded to the call. The blue recycling containers each day are filled with equal parts trash and recyclables, while the other colored (white, grey, black) cans are full of equal parts recyclables and trash. Please take an extra minute before throwing things away and ask yourself, “is this recyclable?” If the answer is yes, please use one of the BLUE cans. If the answer is no, please do not use the blue cans.
What is recyclable? Primarily paper, soda cans, and bottles. Any paper plates or cups that have touched food are not recyclable. Soda cans and bottles that have touched liquids are recyclable.
Remember our new policy: that after an announcement at the beginning of the bridge session to silence or turn off all cell phones, we will collect a mandatory two-dollar donation to one of SOCBC’s chosen charities, from the player whose telephone rings.
Our Mentoring program continues to gain popularity. The program is enjoyed equally by mentors and mentees. Our format includes a 30 to 45-minute lecture followed by bidding and playing eight hands under the guidance of a mentor at each table. We had nine tables for Gary Waldron’s presentation on Cue Bids. Hal Binder will present a two-session program on Overcalls on January 16th and 23rd. No partner needed. Contact Maggie Briskie at to let her know you plan to attend.
Due to the upcoming holidays SOCBC will not be offering Friday Night Bridge in December. We hope to see you for social and duplicate Bridge and potluck on January 24th, dinner at 5:30 PM and duplicate and social bridge at 6:15 PM. Enjoy a great atmosphere, very tasty food, socialize, laugh a lot and manage to play fun bridge. Players in the Social Game play for five dollars.
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If you would like to write an article to appear in the President’s Message or elsewhere in the SOCBC Newsletter, please contact me. I am interested in including fresh ideas, anecdotal experiences and varied perspectives. Janie Matlaf contributed to this month’s President’s Message. r

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