President’s Message – December 2018

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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                         Richard Picheny

Our Annual Club Sectional begins Saturday morning, January 26,2019. Due to the overwhelming turnout for this event last year, pre-registration is required for the Saturday 10 AM session. We encourage our non-life masters to attend this fun day and earn Silver Points. The full timetable is shown on page 6 of the Newsletter.

The December 8 Holiday Party is almost sold out. If you did not sign up in time, you may still join us for one of the three or four remaining available slots and for breakfast and the Annual Membership Meeting, or you may join us for wonderful desserts and the afternoon game beginning at 3:30 PM for a card fee of $12.

The Membership Meeting begins at 9:30 AM following our usual gourmet breakfast. We will announce the names of the new Board Members that you have elected for a two-year term. I will present a State of the Union, I mean Club, Address, including a brief financial report.


During the District 22/23 STaC week held November 12th to 18th, players competing at SOCBC had fabulous results. STaC is a fun event. It means Sectional Tournament at Clubs and it is a way to earn more silver points while playing at a local club that participates in the event.

We produced many 1st overalls:

  • Monday afternoon 499er Pairs overall was won by Judy and William Coulson with a whopping 72.08%. They earned 3.58 silver points each.
  • Monday evening 1499er game was won by Terry Snow and Lynn Johnston, each receiving 2.03 silver points.
  • Mark Itabashi and Sandra Stanger won the Tuesday afternoon Open Pairs overall. Each was awarded 18.02 MPs.
  • Friday morning 0-99er overall winners were Vicki and Ted Smith They also came in 2nd overall on Tuesday’s 299er game, earning them 1.65 and 1.58 MPs each respectively.
  • Friday afternoon 499er first overall were Gulie Hamir and Esther Chen. Each accumulated 3.58 silver points.

Many SOCBC members came in the overalls for their stratifications during the week and earned extra masterpoints. Go to and check out tournament/results of the STaC D22. See if your name or your friends’ names appear on the results pages.

Congratulations to all who did well.

I ask that you join me in thanking five members that made or continued to make generous contributions to SOCBC during October. Gary Waldron donates to SOCBC one hundred percent of the fees paid by students taking his classes. Al and Trisha Silverberg had our extremely attractive new kitchen floor installed and contributed part of its cost. Carol Stiff and Sharon Pratt each contributed $100 dollars to the Lunch Food & Snack Kitty.

As I mentioned last month SOCBC runs numerous ACBL and local charity games each month. Our players benefit because the master point awards are increased for the participants in these games and several charities benefit from our donations from these games. Over  many years our donations from our local charity events have helped support several charities.

I heard from five members suggesting that we consider donating to the following charities: Ronald MacDonald House, a local Parkinson’s Foundation chapter, aid for the recent fire victims, Age Well Senior Services, Tee Off for Dogs and ARC. If you have a local charity or local chapter that you would like SOCBC to support, please let me know.

We have numerous open lunch dates in December on which we need volunteers to sign up to serve. Please sign up on the calendar above the sink or contact Jane Dober to volunteer.

Our December Friday Night Social and Duplicate Pot Luck as been cancelled. The next event will be held on January 25.

If you would like to write an article to appear in the President’s Message or elsewhere in the SOCBC Newsletter, please contact me. I am interested in including fresh ideas, anecdotal experiences and varied perspectives. I would like to acknowledge this month’s contributors, Susan Kissinger and Janie Matlaf.                                                               



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