President’s Message August 2019

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By now most of you are comfortable making online reservations for our pairs’ games. This technology has been a big help in seating and seeding so that games can start promptly. Reservations and cancellations can be made online up until 11:30 AM for the 12:30 PM games. 

Please be certain to cancel your reservations when your plans change, and don’t assume your partner has taken care of it. It is frustrating for the Directors and the rest of us to postpone the game awaiting pairs who do not show up.  Cancel online (before 11:30) or by phone at (949) 248-1268.  If you get the voice messaging system, please leave the player names and the day/date for which you are cancelling.


New morning classes for Beginners will be offered on Mondays starting September 9th and Tuesdays starting October 8th. We plan to do extensive advertising online and in print, but our best source of new players has always been member referrals. Be sure to spread the word to your friends, relatives and neighbors. The first class of each series will be an Introduction to Bridge, where they can come see what the game is all about before signing up for the full series. If you have ideas of where to post flyers in the community and are willing to help, please use the attached [Flyer].


Colds. Although it is not yet flu and cold season, several members have been coming down with colds and sinus infections. While many of us are considerate of the health of others, there are some players who are coming to the Center displaying cold symptoms. I therefore am repeating the following message. As you know, our members are seniors, in some cases have weakened immune systems and are more susceptible to colds and flu. The old wives’ tale that you are not contagious when you are symptomatic has been de-bunked. Please be considerate and protect others by staying home if you have a cold or flu or symptoms thereof. SOCBC policy states that if you are about to play against a player who is displaying cold symptoms you may politely share your concerns with the game Director. You will not be required to play against that opponent and instead will be granted no plays for the boards that you miss. The Directors and Unit Officers may also use their discretion to ask a player to leave if they appear to be a health risk to others.


Several of our members have strong allergic reactions to lotions, perfumes and cologne. If you are wearing fragrances, please use them sparingly. If an opponent’s fragrance is causing you to have an allergic reaction, you may inform the game Director, skip that table and be given no plays for the missed boards. The determination of whether a fragrance is too strong is very personal and subjective, so please be considerate of the feelings of both the wearer and the person having the reaction to the fragrance.

Wash Your Hands for Health & Cards Sake

Before and after you have eaten, please wash your hands or use one of the anti-bacterial dispensers located throughout SOCBC. This practice will have two benefits; it will reduce the spread of germs and extend the life of our playing cards.


If you faint, fall ill at the club or have some other health emergency, the game Director or his designee will call 911, even if you say it’s not necessary. We must make sure that You are safely taken care of by the EMT’s first aid emergency services. There is no charge for these services. If they recommend you be transported by ambulance, you will have the option of whether to follow their advice. Depending on your health plan, there may be a charge for ambulance transport. 

We have an emergency contact directory on the Director desk. Please have your emergency information recorded or updated in that directory.


Please join me in thanking Maggie Briskie for her service on the Education Committee. After being a valued, hard-working member of the Education Committee for several years, Maggie has decided to focus on other areas.

John Kissinger has agreed to serve as the current chairperson of the Education Committee, joining Frances Krause, Janie Matlaf and me on this important committee.


Don’t miss the Tuesday Post Game Hand Analysis presented free by Alan Gailfus. The discussion is geared to all levels and Alan will answer your specific questions.


We recently communicated a Masterpoint limit change for the Tuesday afternoon game. After the announcement, we heard from several teachers and players urging that we reconsider the change. We appreciate your input, and the 299er game will continue unchanged on Tuesday afternoons.


Non-Life Masters please come play in our Thursday Afternoon Non-Life Master game. If you commit to playing at our club on Thursdays and invite your friends to play, we will be able to sustain the Thursday NLM Game. If you come to play in the Thursday NLM game and we don’t have at least three tables, you can play in the open game for half price.


Please join us and invite your friends to play on August 23rd for our next Friday Night Social and Duplicate Bridge Potluck. Our participants bring great food, socialize, laugh a lot and manage to play fun bridge. Players in the Social Game play for five dollars.


If you would like to write an article to appear in the President’s Message or elsewhere in the SOCBC Newsletter, please contact me. I am interested in including fresh ideas, anecdotal experiences and varied perspectives. I would like to acknowledge this month’s contributor Janie Matlaf.      r

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