President’s Message – April

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As of April 1st, Sean Lui has been appointed SOCBC Unit/Club Manager. Please don’t read anything into the April Fools start date – Sean is no fool! How many of you were able to quit your jobs by his age and make a living at the wonderful game of bridge? Didn’t think so! In the past several months since Judy Elbogen retired from the Unit Manager position, we have had a team effort sharing many of her former responsibilities. I ask that you join me in acknowledging and thanking Susan Kissinger and Ginnie Blitzman, each of whom have been a great help during the transition. Trudi Hanscom has served as Director of Directors and will continue in that role. Sean has proven to be a quick learner and adept at mastering new roles and tasks. He has been directing and teaching at numerous local bridge clubs and assuming new roles at our club this year. Please join me in welcoming and supporting Sean in his new role.
Purpose: One of the challenges that we’ve had for many years is the need to limit our class and game offerings due to the physical layout at Dana Harbor and now at SOCBC. We haven’t been able to offer as many morning games and classes as we would like for the benefit of new students and players. We hope the sound shades will enable us to offer more classes, low master point games, barometer games or supervised play simultaneously during week-day mornings. We do not intend to close the sound shades during afternoon games and have no intention of segregating our Open and Non-Life Master Players.
Status & Appearance: The sound shades are finally operational. We will be improving the appearance of the structure over the next several weeks: spackling, painting, trimming and installing fabric to mask the tops of the sound shades. Other applications, which might have been more attractive, would have been much more expensive, so we hope that our final product will be effective. If you have suggestions to improve the structure or its use, please feel free to mention them to me.
Many thanks to Diane Velick, who has been spiffing up our suites for special events, holidays and parties for many years. She has lent her design flair to our decorating decisions at both our locations. Diane will be turning over our treasure chests of party decorations to Wanda White, our newly appointed head decorator and party girl. Thanks Wanda for accepting this position.
The winners of the District Finals will represent District 22 in the Grand National Teams (GNT) event in Atlanta. District 22 will hold its two-day GNT District Finals on April 7th and 8th for Open and B flights, and April 28th and 29th for A and C flights, at SOCBC. If you are not clear on the details or why this should matter to you, please speak with me or with our District Representative, John Kissinger.
Friday Fun Night is the “Happening Activity” for couples, friends and singles. At our recent March event we had ten Social Bridge Tables and eight Duplicate Tables. Each month we get a nice mix of new and returning players, many of whom are intrigued by their first exposure to bidding boxes and pre-dealt hands. All enjoyed the bridge, our gourmet potluck and the chance to socialize. We look forward to seeing you on the fourth Friday of each month, the next of which falls on April 27th. Please e-mail your reservation to Frances Krause at Be sure to reach out to all your social bridge friends and encourage them to come join us. We also hope more of you duplicate players will put Fun Fridays on your calendars. Don’t be scared off by the social game – you are welcome to be as competitive as you like on the duplicate side of the room! Many thanks to Frances Krause, who again organized, decorated and set up this “Bridge Party.”
The Awards presentation on Wednesday, March 14th was a fun event. The winners were honored and presented with pins or certificates noting their accomplishments. The festivities and cake were enjoyed by the honorees and players alike. Congratulations to all who ranked in the top of their categories for 2017!

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