President’s Message – April 2019

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Sunny Foster has chaired our Education Committee, comprising Janie Matlaf, Maggie Briskie and Frances Krause, for more than a year. Sunny has done an amazing job and frequently stated that it has been the best committee she has served on. I am sure that it was due in part to the great example she has provided. Sunny and the Committee have put in place a robust program of beginning and intermediate classes. Please join me in thanking Sunny for her wonderful leadership and service as a vital member of the Committee.

John Kissinger, an accomplished bridge player who has served on our Board of Directors and many of our committees, and on the District 22 Board and as chair of the District 22 Grand National Teams and North American Pairs qualifiers and District 22 finals, has agreed to serve as Chair of our Education Committee. Please extend a warm welcome and a thank you to John. Without volunteers like Sunny, Janie, Maggie, Frances and John our club would not be the wonderful place it is.


Sharon Donoff has once again done an exceptional job with our Moving-up Program. She matches NLM players who have not played in the Open Game with Open Players, with the understanding that they will play in our Open Game with their respective mentors three times and play with others in the Open Game on three additional occasions. The objective of the program is to introduce the NLM players to Open Players, reduce their apprehensions about playing in the Open Game, with the ultimate goal being their continuing to play in our Open Game.

Some NLM Players who currently play in the Open Game mentioned they are disappointed not to be able to participate as mentees. Many of the experienced Open players are more than willing to play with them as partners outside of the Moving Up program, so please make your interest known to a member of the Education Committee and we will try to assist. An additional unanticipated benefit of the Moving-Up program was the revitalization of our Buddy Program. Please see Janie’s article on our Buddy Program on page 6.


The proposal to add Bridge as an Olympic Event has had the unanticipated consequence, or at least I didn’t anticipate it, of having a top player banned for one year for using a performance enhancing drug. Click on the following link or cut and paste it to your browser to read the full article:


Non-Life Masters please come out to play in our recently revitalized Thursday Afternoon Non-Life Master game. We are making great strides to ensure that we have enough tables to support the game on an ongoing basis. Having the knowledge that there will be enough tables to hold a game will bring out more and more players.


Bill Thorpe, Gail Schneider and our game directors are continuing to improve our new computer system, eliminating bugs and enhancing its capabilities. For the most part it has been pretty seamless for our players, with the headaches and problems being dealt with by Bill, Gail and the directors.


The Ace of Clubs and Mini McKenney award ceremony  was great fun. See pictures of the winners elsewhere in this newsletter or on our website.


I have not made this request before, but we recently had a complaint and I want us to be good co-tenants, so please do not park in front of our building on weekends. If it is not too inconvenient, please go a step further (no pun intended) and adhere to the weekday parking rules on weekends. The authorized parking spaces are not further from club on weekends than during the work week. For those of you who have been retired for a long time, work week generally refers to Monday through Friday. It is important that we park only in authorized spaces during morning classes and games as well as during afternoon games. Please see the parking maps posted in the Bridge Center and on the website to determine where parking is allowed, and Teachers and Game Directors please remind students and players of the parking restrictions.


Please see articles elsewhere in this Newsletter setting forth thoughts on improving the atmosphere and friendliness of our Bridge Club. Numerous individuals who play at our club only occasionally as well as many of our members have shared their beliefs that they think our club is the nicest that they have played at. They specifically mentioned the premises, the food, the quality of our players and the general environment. I would like to have them more frequently mention the friendliness and warmth of our players. Please treat all players nicely, especially newer players who are moving up.


Friday Night Social and Duplicate Bridge and Pot Luck continues to draw large numbers and rave reviews. Please join us on April 26th for great food and a delightful bridge atmosphere. Please invite your friends and bridge partners and email your reservation to Frances Krause at


If you would like to write an article to appear in the President’s Message or elsewhere in the SOCBC Newsletter, please contact me. I am interested in including fresh ideas, anecdotal experiences and varied perspectives. I would like to acknowledge this month’s contributors Marshall Pearlman and Janie Matlaf.                                                

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