January’s Message

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Non-Life Masters: We encourage you to participate and have the opportunity to earn silver points in either the Open Games or the Non-Life Master Games at this fun Open Sectional with great food and camaraderie. The full timetable is on page 2 of the Newsletter.


Several years ago we used to have Friday night light games. The atmosphere was more relaxed and friendly than the highly competitive day games. Beginning January 26 we are bringing back Friday night light with fun bridge, gourmet pot luck dinner, and a chance to get better acquainted with the ‘people’ behind the convention cards. We will also be providing a social game in addition to the duplicate game, so please reach out to all your social bridge friends and ask them to come join us. The minds behind this new adventure are Linda Jonas, Sharon Rippy, Bob Levine and Frances Krause. Please speak to any of them if you want to know more or have suggestions.


With the approaching flu and cold season, I again implore you to consider others and stay home if you are sick. We have numerous members with compromised immune systems and a super majority of members who are more susceptible to colds and flu due to their age. The old wives tale that one is no longer contagious once they are symptomatic is not true. The facial masks are not an effective block against the spread of germs. We have empowered and instructed our game directors to ask players displaying cold and flu symptoms to leave the game and stay away until they are asymptomatic. If you believe that someone has a cold or flu and shouldn’t be playing, please speak to the game director and if you do not want to play at the table with the person you believe is ill, please say so in a courteous manner. Thank you for your cooperation and adherence to this directive.

New Year’s Resolution

We all take different approaches to New Year’s Resolutions (1) “make them and break them”, (2), “make them and try very hard” or perhaps (3), “no way no how.” Among the best bridge related resolutions that I can think of for next year is to remember that each person who comes to play bridge at SOCBC is a person first, and a partner or opponent as a distant second. We move quickly from table to table and often don’t interact with everyone who attends on any given day. If each of us makes it a habit to reach out to others with kindness and respect, it will go a long way to keeping SOCBC as the pre-eminent place to enjoy this amazing pursuit. Wishing every one of you good health and good bridge in 2018!!!


In response to my message last month I received thank you emails from some of our non-life masters relating their bad experiences during early forays into our open game. I want to again encourage our open players to be warm, welcoming and encouraging to our less experienced players who are venturing into our open game. Thank you.


Remember that beginning in January 2018, all our Sunday Games will begin at 12:30pm. We will serve a light lunch at 12:00pm. This will allow us to participate in the Common Game on Sundays.


The Holiday Party was a great success as usual, due to the efforts of our Holiday Party Chairperson, Loli Henderson. The decorations, breakfast and desserts, all of which were courtesy of our members, were all wonderful. Lunch at Ciao Pasta to a sell-out crowd was fun and the food was delicious. The Bridge was highly competitive with silver points awarded for the STaC games.


Please join me in welcoming our new Board of Directors and thanking the 2017 Board for their selfless service as Board Members this past year. Thank you to Gale Senter and Bob Cavanaugh who have left the Board after completing their terms as Members of the Board of Directors. Maggie Briskie, Odile Gendreau, Bob Levine and I were elected for two-year terms, joining Dianna Hoffman, Susan Kissinger and Bonnie Myers, each of whom will be completing the second year of their current term.


Our Board of Directors has elected the following Board Members as officers for the coming year:

Richard Picheny as President

Susan Kissinger as Vice President

Dianna Hoffman as Treasurer

Maggie Briskle as Secretary and Education Committee Liaison

Bob Levine as Membership Chair

Bonnie Myers for Special Projects

Odile Gendreau as Health Committee Chair

For a complete list of Committee Chairs and other positions, please see the list at the end of the Newsletter and on the website.       

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