January 2019 President’s Message

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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE by Richard Picheny

Time is running short–register now for the Saturday 10AM session of our Annual Club Sectional, which begins January 26, 2019. We encourage our non-life masters to attend this fun day and earn Silver Points. There is a team option on Sunday, and if you’re new to teams, you will want to attend Marti’s morning session on the 10th of January. She will show you the subtleties of teams versus pairs and give you the chance to practice for our tournament. The full schedule of events is shown on page 6.

We had another successful Holiday Party. Please join me in thanking Loli for planning, organizing and facilitating our Party, Carol Hood and Dianna Hoffman for the great breakfast, Myrna and all her volunteers who brought our scrumptious desserts and Wanda White, John Jonas and others, who did a great job decorating the Club. After three years at Ciao Pasta, we will be looking for a new venue for next year’s party. Your suggestions will be appreciated if you know of a nearby spot that can feed and accommodate approximately 150 people.

I want to thank the three outgoing 2018 Board Members: Treasurer Dianna Hoffman, Vice President Susan Kissinger, Free Play & Special Projects Chair Bonnie Myers. This club thrives because of volunteers, and these women have been tremendous assets to our success. I know their volunteering will not stop at the end of their terms, so please share your appreciation when you see them at the club.
Jay Nuccio, Anna Kreucher and Larry Hedge were elected by the membership to fill the open slots as of 2019. The new Board chose Maggie Briskie to continue as Secretary, Bob Levine as Membership Chair, Odile Gendreau as Health Chair. Anna Kreucher will serve as Free Play and Special Projects Chair, Larry Hedge as Treasurer, Jay Nuccio as Vice President, and I will continue as President.

SOCBC had a good year in 2018. Table count for our fiscal year ending November 30, 2018, increased to 8,937 tables from 8,879 for the prior year. We had a net profit of approximately $17,000 for the year with a commensurate increase in our cash and CD accounts. We installed a new kitchen floor and started our Friday Night Social and Duplicate Bridge and Pot Luck, which has drawn rave reviews and continues to be popular.

This year we lost Andy Chao, a wonderful guy and a talented bridge player. Many of us remember him fondly each time we see his grandson Jeremy who is now a valued member of SOCBC. We also welcomed our new Unit Manager Gail Schneider this year. Gail has started a Saturday morning NLM game and this spring plans to teach an introductory class for beginning players.

If your health allows you to get a flu shot, please do. Flu and cold season have begun. If you come down with a cold or the flu, please stay home until you are completely healed.

We have numerous open lunch dates in January on which we need volunteers to sign up to serve. Please sign up on the calendar above the sink or contact Jane Dober to volunteer.

After a month’s hiatus, our Friday Night Social and Duplicate Bridge and Pot Luck will resume on January 25th, the fourth Friday of January. Please invite your friends and bridge partners and email your reservation to Frances Krause at nanorator@gmail.com.

If you would like to write an article to appear in the President’s Message or elsewhere in the SOCBC Newsletter, please contact me. I am interested in including fresh ideas, anecdotal experiences and varied perspectives. I would like to acknowledge this month’s contributor Janie Matlaf. r

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