How to Download Bridge Dealer

Step 1 (Download):

Download Bridge Dealer by clicking here. A file called "BridgeDealerInstall.exe" will be downloaded on to the computer in the Downloads directory. This directory can be found either in the location "This PC/Downloads" or "This PC/Users/(yourname)/Downloads".

Step 2 (Extract):

  1. Run "BridgeDealerInstall.exe" by double clicking it. A menu will appear that indicates where "BridgeDealerInstall" will be extracted to.
  2. If you want to change this location, click the "..." button, navigate to the desired location, and click OK.
  3. Click Extract to perform the extraction.

Step 3 (Install): Navigate to the "BridgeDealerInstall" directory and double click it, then double click on "Setup.bat" to run the installation process. This will install:

  • Bridge Dealer - Main Program
  • A directory named "BridgeDealer" with this path: "C:/BridgeDealer". This directory has all of the files necessary for Bridge Dealer to run.
  • A shortcut to run Bridge Dealer on the task bar and start menu. This shortcut is a card with the heart and club symbols on the left and the spade and diamond symbols on the right.

Step 4 (Register):

Registration is only necessary for each computer installing Bridge Dealer for the first time. This step is skipped otherwise, so this is the only time this menu shows up. Once in this menu, follow the instructions to register.