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Richard Picheny

More than six years ago, when I was a Non-Life Master and relatively new to the Club, I was approached by Loli and asked to run for our Board of Directors in order to fill the need for a treasurer. I was then serving on three different civic boards, treasurer of two and vice president of the third, so begged off, suggesting Loli approach one of the other CPAs who played regularly at the Club. When they refused, Loli came back to me and we repeated the process three times. Loli approached Linda Jonas to try to persuade me to change my mind, and my new friend Linda told Loli not to worry, that I couldn’t say no to Linda. Not surprisingly I agreed to run for the Board and serve as treasurer for one year. After a year as treasurer, I asked Judy Brennan (a much better treasurer than I) to run for the Board and serve as treasurer. I was elected President trading tedium for aggravation.
Applicable Anecdote
Loli H, Fran B, Dan G and Marshall P: “Richard sign this petition!”
Richard: “What is it for?”
Group: “Don’t be so uncooperative. Just sign it.”
Richard: “Wanting to know what you are signing is not being uncooperative.”
Group: “Why are you so difficult and negative?”
Richard: “Wanting to know what you’re signing before you sign is not being difficult and negative.”
Group: “If we let you read it will you sign it?”
Richard: (Reading the petition aloud) “We, the undersigned think our President is uncooperative, difficult and negative.”
Group: “You promised, SIGN IT.”
Richard: “I am the only person I know who signed a petition against himself.”
The foregoing may be slightly exaggerated.

The last five years as President of DHBC and SOCBC were gratifying, aggravating, rewarding, emotionally draining, accomplishing, falling short and generated in me a sense of ownership and responsibility that has been unparalleled in my service on other Boards.
Major Accomplishments
We (note the use of we rather than I) have accomplished a lot during the past five years, none of which I could have done alone. I enjoyed working with the following people and others on the following projects.
Re-carpeting Dana Harbor Bridge Center – Diane Velick, Trisha Menefee, Frances Krause and others.
Searching for, Finding and Procuring SOCBC – Gale Senter, Cassie DeYoung, Gary Waldron and John Kissinger.
Designing and Moving to SOCBC– John Jonas, John Kissinger, Alyce Allen, Judy Alvord and Frances Krause.
Adopting the Common Game and the On-Line Registration System – Susan & John Kissinger, Judy Elbogen and Marshall Pearlman.
New Partition – Bonnie Myers, Bob Levine and Jay Nuccio.
Education Program – Gale Senter, John Jonas, Susan George, Sunny Foster, Susan Kissinger, Janie Matlaf, Maggie Briskie, Frances Krause and others over the course of five years.
New Computer System – Bill Thorp and Gail Schneider
High Quality Beginning & Intermediate Student Classes and Games – Hal Binder, Susan Bristol, Jane Dober, Trudi Hanscom, Robert Irani, Dae Leckie, Marti Moss, Sally Pelmear, Sharon Rippy, Gale Schneider, Gary Waldron and many others.
Mentoring Program – Maggie Briskie, Sunny Foster, Karen Jachetta, Frances Krause, Sharon Rippy, Gary Waldron and many others.
Moving-Up Program – Sunny Foster, Jane Dober, Sharon Donoff and others.
Lunch Program – Jane Dober and all our wonderful volunteers.
60 Months of President’s Messages – Publisher – Peter Redwood. Frequent Contributing Co-Author – Janie Matlaf. Editors – Kathy Braeunig, Marti Moss, Janie Matlaf, Susan Kissinger, and Gale Senter.
Fourth Friday Evening Social and Duplicate Game and Potluck – Frances Krause, Gary Waldron, Sunny Foster, John & Linda Jonas and Robert Irani.
Boards of Directors – All the Directors who served on the six wonderful SOCBC Boards that I served on.
Exemplary Volunteers – Maggie Briskie, Janie Matlaf, Sunny Foster, Frances Krause, John Jonas and Gary Waldron.
APOLOGY – To so many of you who have made significant contributions to SOCBC during the past five years, but were not specifically named here, my oversight was unintentional. I sincerely appreciate each and every one of you and I hope you know that. Please accept my apology and appreciation.
Save the date, register on-line and earn silver points. Our Annual Club Sectional is being held on Saturday, February 22, and Sunday, February 23, 2020. Registration is Required for the Saturday morning games only. This two-day event always draws big crowds, so be sure to form your partnership or four-person team and sign up early. Click on the following link [Peter please add Link]to view the flyer.
All Players – Park in authorized parking spaces only. Play at SOCBC only when you are healthy and symptom free. Recycle. Play in our Wednesday Night Swiss Teams games, which we are restarting in January. Play in our Friday Night Bridge and Potluck at 5:30 PM on January 24th. Turn off cell phones during games or contribute to charity. Have matching convention cards. Newer players should note that there are lots of learning benefits from working on a convention card with your partners.
Beginning Players and Other Non-Life Masters
Keep taking classes. Play in our morning and afternoon games. Take advantage of half-price afternoon NLM games on days when you have taken a morning class or played in a morning game.
SOCAL Winter Regional
The SoCal Winter Regional will be held January 27th through February 3rd, in Irvine. If you are an NLM player who hasn’t yet played at a Regional, this is a great opportunity. You can win gold and accumulate red. Outstanding speakers give free mini lessons before games and during lunch – another reason you don’t want to miss out on the SoCal Winter Regional. Put the tournament on your calendar.
During the past several years, we held our Holiday Parties at Mahi’s and Ciao Pasta, where our members were disappointed with the service, the food or both. We decided to try another restaurant that was closer to our club and had wonderful food. To avoid the service problems we had experienced the last few years, members of the Holiday Party Committee met with Sol Agave’s owners and Managers on five or six occasions. We were repeatedly assured that serving large parties was something at which they were experts, and they further assured us that they would have more than enough servers, bartenders and hosts.
Our Annual SOCBC Holiday Party was a great success with one Major inconvenience and disappointment. The attendance was terrific, the Bridge was fine, the breakfast superb, the atmosphere exceptional and the food at Sol Agave was delicious, when we were finally served after ridiculous waits of up to two hours. Sol Agave was understaffed, unprepared and incapable of remedying the problem. The service was atrocious. The Committee, Maggie and I apologize for the terrible service and hope that you had a great time despite this inconvenience. Maggie, with assistance from Dianna, sold the tickets, collected the funds, gathered, recorded and transmitted to Sol Agave the members’ preferred menu selections. Despite the disappointing service, please join me in thanking, Robert and Marilyn Cavanaugh, Dianna Hoffman, Frances Krause, Jay Nuccio and especially Maggie Briskie for a job well done.
Service aside, the cards were extra friendly to East-West where the overall winners were in the 60’s on both sides of the room. With 22 tables of Open bridge, Ron and Sandy Livingston had the top result, Hal Binder and Frank Grossman were first North-South. In the NLM game, Joop Doorn and Randall Morgan led among 12 tables with Barbara Quigley and Janet Hudson first North-South. We appreciate all the suggestions that have been coming forth on how we might cater at the club next year and have exceptional food plus exceptional service. Stay tuned. Between now and next December great minds will be at work!
In case you haven’t heard Joop Doorn, Frank Grossman, Carol Pangburn and Dan Thorlakson have been elected to the SOCBC 2020 Board of Directors, joining Larry Hedge, Anna Kreucher and Jay Nuccio. The new Board elected Jay President, Frank Vice President, Larry Treasurer and Carol Secretary. The other Board members have been assigned various Committee chairs. (see page 7)
At the Membership Meeting on December 7th, more than two- thirds of the Members constituting a quorum voted to adopt the proposed Amendment to our bylaws, which allows Board Members to serve as Game Directors.
Our format includes a 30- to 45-minute lecture followed by bidding and playing eight hands under the guidance of a mentor at each table. Hal Binder will present a two-session program on Overcalls on January 16th and 23rd. No partner needed. Contact Maggie Briskie at to tell her you plan to attend.
If you would like to write an article to appear in the President’s Message or elsewhere in the SOCBC Newsletter, please contact Jay Nuccio, our incoming President. We are interested in including fresh ideas, anecdotal experiences and varied perspectives.
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve on the SOCBC Board for the last six years and as President for the last five. Thank you for your support, for sharing your ideas and for your outstanding volunteerism. The sense of responsibility engendered and feeling of accomplishment were gratifying.